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5 Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Work Best for Small Indoor Spaces

KitchenYour kitchen is the heart of your home. This is the area where you make those delicious pancakes, enjoy your coffee in the morning and have a cup of tea with your friends in the afternoon. You have always appreciated your interior décor, but now you sense that it’s time for a change. Therefore, you feel ready to put pen to paper and list the basic principles behind your kitchen’s upcoming facelift. However, reduced space is an impediment that you should consider. Too-big custom cabinets or huge kitchen islands and appliances can turn your favorite room into a cluttered, unwelcoming indoor area. To avoid this inconvenience, check out the following kitchen remodel ideas that are perfect for tiny, elegant spaces.

1. Mirrors Make Your Kitchen Seem More Spacious. White custom cabinets with a personalized mirrored backsplash are the perfect additions for a shabby chic kitchen in desperate need of some clever space-saving tips and tricks. Mirrors create the optical illusion of much more space and also ensure a sleek, modern look.

2. Stack Your Cabinets. If you can’t go left or right, go up! The ceiling is the limit when it comes to stacking your kitchen cabinets. Just make sure you organize your supplies and small appliances based on their real utility and store the essential ones in the bottom drawers. By stacking your custom cabinets you will manage to save space and achieve a nice, stylish, clean layout.

3. Go Lighter All the Way. According to interior designers, beige may just be the new black, especially when it comes to remodeling a small kitchen. Aside from the fact that you literally can’t go wrong with soft, creamy colors, lighter shades also make your room seem brighter and more spacious. White or ivory flowing material, walls and cabinets would ensure a uniform look that is suitable for any kitchen style.

4. Use Trays and Baskets to Boost Your Organizational Skills. Trays and baskets are extremely useful because they enable you to carry stuff around the house. Moreover, they can also be utilized to store smaller belongings and organize your collections that may include tiny appliances, candles, or small teacups that you use on a daily basis and would very much like to put on full display.

5. Add Open Shelves. Want to gain extra space to find room for other items that you’ve been hiding inside your custom kitchen cabinets? If so, just think about adding a few open shelves. These elements are very modern and can easily replace your upper cabinets, making your kitchen look larger than it actually is.

It’s not always easy to envision the perfect kitchen, especially when you’re dealing with space limitations. This is precisely why you should let an expert guide your kitchen remodel project. From custom kitchen cabinet designs to extremely effective space-saving tips, we bring you the best personalized ideas that can turn your assignment into a time and cost-effective extreme makeover.


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