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Kitchen Remodel 101: How to Design the Most Amazing Island for Your Indoor Space

Bar stools at breakfast bar in contemporary kitchenAs much as we would be tempted to deny it, we are all creatures of habit. We build the perfect home for us based on an old image that we have in mind and stick to it for many years in a row. Let’s face it: most of us are reluctant to change. And still, at some point, we feel the urge to rethink and redo at least a few of the things that surround us. Assuming that you want to alter the look and feel of your kitchen, you may want to start by designing a brand-new, shiny island. In this case, here are a few practical tips on how to come up with the most suitable model for your indoor space.

  1. Practical Thinking Will Get You Far. Why do you need an island in the first place? Would you use it to store pots and pans? Do you imagine it as your primary food preparation area? Do you have zero cooking skills and would much rather explore its potential as a central hub enabling you to organize small fun gatherings?
  2. Determine the Right Size. Next, determine how big your ideal kitchen island should be. Generally speaking, most families go for 3×6 models that are large enough to serve both aesthetical and practical purposes. Keep in mind that the right size of an island is influenced by your square footage and the number and size of the items that you plan to store in your new furniture piece.
  3. Focus on Different Design Styles. Don’t forget to personalize your island design based on your daily habits and specific needs. For example, if you are an enthusiastic baker, you may want to create an island that will hold different types of bowls, baking decorations and shapes and cooking books. In addition, there are quite a few styles that could match the overall vibe of your indoor space. For instance, open islands are currently listed among the hottest, most versatile décor elements that could make your kitchen seem more modern and spacious. Can you come up with an all-in-one island that also comprises a couch, drawers and open shelves? Sure you can! All you have to do is to leave your old kitchen cabinet idea behind and dare to get really creative!
  4. Think about Electrical and Plumbing Components. This is usually the phase that requires some on point guidance from an expert. Keep in mind that you can explore the full potential of your new island by adding a few cool appliances, such as a wine fridge, a microwave, refrigerator drawers, a bar sink or several electric outlets. You can add or remove such components based on how you plan to use your kitchen island.
  5. Opt for a Creation That Matches Your Indoor Space. Most importantly, decide how you are going to personalize your design to make it match the particularities of your indoor space. For example, the tiniest architectural details, such as metallic accents ensured by unique hardware, unexpected pops of neon color or beautiful vintage carved decorations can individualize your island and allow you to take pride in a high-value piece of furniture. Don’t forget that your custom kitchen cabinets and your island should be a part of the same story.

In the end, a little bit of elbow grease and proper research and planning will help you come up with the perfect design for your kitchen remodel project. We all know how stressful redesign processes can be, especially when your options are limited by a small budget or a frustrating lack of inspiration. Whether you want to redo your kitchen from scratch or just improve its looks and/or functionality, our experts have the simplest, most affordable and stunning solutions for your challenge.

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