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High-End Cabinets and Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Are Actually Worth Your Time and Money

Kitchen In New Construction HomeWhen you buy luxury cars or real estate, you are focused on one important aspect: the resale value of these goods. Your goal is to make sure that one day you could recoup your investment or at least manage to sell your commodities at a profit. But when it comes to luxury kitchen cabinets, chances are that you will be their sole owner. They may stay with you for decades in a row and even become a part of the heritage that you will want to leave to your sons and grandsons. In this context, what factors should you consider before selecting or designing your one-of-a-kind high-end cabinets? Here are some of the newest, most exciting trends in luxury custom cabinetry that could become your premier source of inspiration.

Exotic Materials. Do you still think that bamboo is the latest piece of resistance in the world of exquisite kitchen furniture? In this case, you may be surprised to find out that this option is not as sought-after as several other exotic types of wood, such as Larch, Bubinga and Paldao. European Larch is well-liked for its warm reddish or bold chestnut variations; Bubinga is a top choice due to its reddish surface with purplish accents, while Paldao is appreciated for is warm, sandy tones with light gray waves. Veneers based on exotic woods will enable you to make your custom cabinets stand out and display an opulent yet tasteful effect.

The Milk Paint Effect. Tired of perfect all-white kitchens? Well, in this case, you should give hand-painted cabinetry a chance. In this particular case, we are actually referring to the so-called “milk paint” cabinet finish based on two layers of paint (the actual base followed by a topcoat) ensuring a classy, tone-on-tone appearance that is both simple and sophisticated at the same time.

Subtle Contrasts. You don’t have to turn your kitchen into a chess table to achieve the ideal level of contrast between your surrounding space and your appliances. As a matter of fact, odd, contrasting tones can kill the overall vibe of your kitchen and make people question your taste and decorating skills. On the other hand, well-balanced tone variations could help you make your kitchen seem more spacious, while accentuating certain luxury features that you may be super proud of. For instance, a glass tile wall separating your food prepping corner from your lounge area may create an ideal contrast with all-white flooring material, bar stools and a dining table and a dark wooden island featuring a super sleek gray agate countertop. To balance the color variations, you should stay away from unnecessary bursts of color and invest in quality stainless steel appliances ensuring a posh, timelessly elegant look for your kitchen.

Even white-on-white kitchens can reflect your preference for luxury decorations, as long as you stick to your favorite theme and a minimalist, clean and on-point style. If you are having a hard time trying to organize the details related to your kitchen remodel project, we can lend you a helping hand. Just tell us more about what you would like to achieve in terms of redesign work and let us know how we could fulfill your dream.

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