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Kitchen Remodel 101: Elegant Decorating Ideas That You Should Try This Christmas

iStock_000004562664_SmallChristmas is the perfect time of the year to improve the looks and feel of your home. Most of us start with the living room, mostly because this is the place where we like to decorate the Christmas tree, chat with guests and family members and drink mulled wine in front of the fireplace. But this doesn’t mean that we should neglect our kitchens. During the holiday season, you can breathe new life into your indoor space by simply following the easy and cost-efficient kitchen remodel tips listed below.

Decorate Your Walls. Your idea of luxury and elegance may differ a great deal from another’s. Some love the clean aspect of monochrome kitchens, while others are very fond of unexpected contrasts, unique, colorful kitchen cabinets, glittery ornaments and hand painted walls with personalized motifs. Regardless of your take on this matter, one thing’s certain: this Christmas, you can customize your space and boost its appeal by implementing a series of temporary changes. For instance, you could always choose to repaint your walls in a more festive shade or apply removable wallpaper. Some products require a light adhesive that can be easily removed using a damp cloth, while others are made of quality vinyl and cling to your walls without any type of glue.

Upgrade Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets. Two weeks before Christmas, consider refacing your cabinets. This is an excellent alternative at hand, especially if you can’t afford to order new custom kitchen cabinets or want to hold on to your current furniture pieces for many more years to come. Next, you could brighten up your cabinets by placing a strand of LED lights behind your most expensive china. To complete this step you would have to drill a hole in your custom cabinets to be able to connect the LED lights to an outlet. If you would much rather skip this step, note that you could always achieve the same effect without the drilling part by buying and installing battery-powered lights. In case Christmas lights are not your thing, consider upgrading the design of your old cabinets by replacing their hardware with much more festive alternatives (golden pulls and see-through glass knobs are excellent choices that you may want to consider).

Add a Few Dramatic, Well-Balanced Accents to Your Countertops. The ideal kitchen is spacious and perfectly de-cluttered. On the other hand, an empty countertop may just look a bit depressing during Christmas. You can decide to beautify your countertops by adding a tiny Christmas tree to your kitchen décor or by coming up with a lush arrangement based on poinsettias. Lots of countertop space gives you even more appealing options, allowing you to set up a miniature Christmas village or find the perfect spot for a collection of red, white and golden candles and a set of crystal vases filled with greenery, sweets or fruits.

This Christmas, you don’t necessarily have to toss or donate all your old furniture to achieve the perfect wintery décor. Work with what you have and find the simplest ways to upgrade your custom kitchen cabinets by following the expert advice provided by Modern Kitchen.

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