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5 Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Make You Believe in Love at First Sight

Your kitchen is your favorite oasis of relaxation. This is the space where you enjoy your first cup of coffee early in the morning, socialize with your friends and cook amazing meals for your family. Taking into consideration its importance, don’t you think that your kitchen would very much deserve a higher dosage of TLC? If you are very fond of indoors with a lovely rustic vibe and would like to recreate the simplicity of the country life in your own home, consider investing in a kitchen remodel project matching your creative vision. Here are five fabulous rustic kitchen design ideas that may raise your enthusiasm and inspire your upcoming assignment.

  1. Dark Wood Everywhere. Dark wood lets you breathe new life in a countryside home and add a touch of well-balanced sophistication to your indoors. Aside from being extremely beautiful and easy to care for, dark wooden floors and furniture pieces are also very versatile and can blend in smoothly with your existing décor elements.
  2. Discrete Touches of Red That Create a Lovely Contrast with Your Furniture and Flooring. Let’s face it: a rustic kitchen based on a predictable color scheme revolving around different shades of brown can be cataloged as unremarkable by your guest. Why don’t you try something different instead? Personalize your color theme by adding one unexpected touch of color. Here’s an idea that may appeal to you: opt for red details that will make your brown wooden pieces stand out effortlessly. This is the strategy employed by Reese Witherspoon to brighten up her indoor space. Her country retreat based in Ojai California carrying a price tag of 10 million dollars displayed a magnificent rustic kitchen equipped with white custom cabinets, a large all-white island, stainless steel appliances, a round wooden table and nice red and brown chairs that managed to individualize and beautify the entire space.
  3. Practical, Rugged Kitchen Cabinets. Here’s one good reason why everybody should absolutely adore the kitchen cabinets that are compatible with a countryside décor: they are delightfully unsophisticated, multifaceted and have a rugged appearance appreciated by people who think that signs of wear and tear actually enhance the unique charm of their one-of-a-kind cabinets. Due to their sturdy design, these cabinets can be seen as a smart long-term investment.
  4. Stone Elements Can Become the Central Attraction of Your Kitchen. Looking for a special something that could complement the dark or red wooden details that radiate warmth? In this case, note that you could balance your new design ideas by simply implementing a few stone elements. You could install a fabulous fireplace or a neutral flagstone floor or you could cover an entire wall with river stone. If you don’t really like to take chances by bringing bold design ideas to life, stay in the safe zone by adding stone statues or quartz/granite countertops that match the look and feel of your space.
  5. Achieve a Bold Mix of Modern and Rustic Elements. On the other hand, if you want your rustic kitchen remodel project to reflect your eclectic style, feel free to play with different colors and textures as you see fit. Combine modern materials such as stainless steel and glass with natural ones (preferably with a story), such as river rock or reclaimed wood and rely on unusual shapes and detailing to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen triggering your complete satisfaction.

A complex kitchen design always requires professional services and the expert guidance of a team of specialists who can anticipate and understand new industry trends and turn your creative vision into reality. Count on the support ensured by Modern Kitchen, apply the hottest design ideas that are compatible with your project and make the most of kitchen remodel work exceeding all expectations.

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