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Dark Or Light: What Is Right For Your Kitchen

The kitchen in your home is generally the central location where families come together to share meals and the company of one another. This room should be inviting, yet practical.

With the enormous options available in current kitchen trends, one of the biggest questions is if the kitchen should be dark or light.

Consider the pros and cons below of each option when making your decision: 

Light Kitchens

Pro: One of the benefits to having a light or white kitchen is that the light color makes the room appear much larger and cleaner.

Con: This option may not be a wise choice for families with small children who like to leave little fingerprints on every surface. Crumbs and smudges are very noticeable on light and white surfaces.

Pro: Light or white cabinets coordinate well with most wall paint, tile, and counter tops. The versatility makes it appropriate for contemporary, modern or traditional kitchens.

Con: Light colors will show wear and tear faster than dark colors. Damage and discoloration will stand out more than on dark surfaces. 

If you are considering an all white kitchen, you will need to determine what undertones you prefer. When looking at white paint and cabinet samples, you will discover that there are various undertones, such as yellow, pink, gray or blue. You will also find pure white to be a selection as well.

Make sure that all of the undertones in the room coordinate well with one another.

It is suggested here that by choosing cabinetry and counter tops in the same shade will give the illusion of a larger space. Also recommended is combining black and white for a timeless and classy look.

Dark Kitchens

Pro: A dark kitchen presents a regal feel if it is done well. Dark colored cabinetry gives the room a rich, warm and elegant feeling.

Con: Smaller kitchens do not work well with dark colors. If the kitchen has poor lighting, it will also promote a feeling of being closed in.

Pro: Dark cabinetry will complement a lighter color scheme on the walls, counter tops and back splashes. If you prefer lighter colors, but still want to add a pop of color, combining the two elements looks appealing.

Con: Trends in dark color schemes change often. To keep up with the current styles, you will need to update more often than a light or all white kitchen.

Dark kitchens can be stunning and formal when designed correctly. Pay attention in the continuity of the shades of wood you are using in the floor, furniture and cabinets.

Add lighter elements where needed to break up areas that are too dim.

This article states that cherry wood is often chosen for Mission, Craftsman and Shaker style cabinets. Also mentioned is the fact that as the cherry wood ages, it gets darker, creating an even richer and warmer feel to the room.


When choosing the colors for your kitchen, be sure to take your time and bring samples home to view and compare. The lighting in your house is much different than in the store, so you will want to see how it will look in your own environment.

Whether you choose light, dark, or a combination of both, keep the size of your kitchen in mind as well as window lighting and indoor lighting.

Every family has their unique preferences and needs. Take everything into consideration when making your choice.

Don’t hesitate to ask a professional for advice if you are not sure what direction you want to take. They will be able to assist you in making the perfect choice for your individual lifestyle and requirements.

If you need guidance on choosing the perfect elements for your new kitchen, please contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

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