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5 Different Cabinet Fronts

When entering into a kitchen,the cabinets are usually noticed before anything else in the room. Since they line the walls, cabinets are a focal point. They should be pleasing to the eye and coordinate with the style of the space as a whole.

Cabinetry gives an overall feel to the room in general, so take a few moments and consider if your current style is outdated and in need of a face lift.

Your cabinets make a statement about the style of your kitchen and can be spruced up by adding interesting fronts of various materials.

Let’s take a look at a few of the cabinet front options that are available:

1. Glass Front

Glass front cabinets are stunning and can open up a small kitchen. You have the option of choosing a variety of styles in clear or frosted glass. Adding this extra special touch can change the look of the kitchen entirely.

Better Homes and Gardens suggests combining glass front cabinet doors along with open shelving to create a spacious and roomy feel that works well in smaller as well as larger kitchens.

Here are some examples of the types of glass cabinet fronts that are popular today:

  • Frosted Glass: This type of glass is somewhat opaque. Items inside the cabinets can still be seen, but not clearly. This type of cabinetry will make a narrow kitchen appear wider, giving a more spacious appearance. Different levels of opacity are available to accommodate any preference
  • Clear Glass: Dishes can be elegantly displayed with the use of clear glass cabinetry. Similar to the frosted glass inserts, the clear glass will open up narrow kitchens as well. This technique can be used on all cabinets or selected cabinets in the room


2. Stainless Steel Front

Using stainless steel cabinet fronts can give your kitchen a clean and modern appearance. If you have appliances that also have a stainless steel finish, your kitchen will be striking and have the look of culinary expertise.

A wide variety of cabinet front styles are available such as a solid panel, a framed panel, multiple panel design and many others.


3. Punched Tin Front

If you like the cozy feeling of a country kitchen, then punched tin cabinet fronts may suit your style. Tin fronts are available in a variety of different colors so you can easily match the rest of your kitchen design.

These attractive fronts are punched with many different different designs ranging from elegant filigree patterns to a simple barn star pattern.


4. Chicken Wire Front

Using Chicken wire inside the door panel gives a rustic, farmhouse appeal to the kitchen. Items inside the cabinet are visible, which is a great way to display your collectibles and antiques.

This style of cabinet front would look lovely in a cabin or country kitchen. Some cabinets may be left with a solid panel leaving wire panels incorporated into the design on a select few doors.


5. Closed Front

Closed cabinet fronts are available in many materials, wood being the most common. You can choose from solid wood with a frame, flat panel, or a louvered look, just to name a few.

A few benefits of closed cabinets are that your dishes and cookware will be hidden from view and you can choose from a basic hinge design to a track system for a more modern look.



Whether you are remodeling your home or building a new one, keeping the above ideas in mind will give you more options to choose from when designing your kitchen.

If you are unsure about what would work the best with your kitchen, contact a professional for a consultation. You will gain peace of mind in knowing you are making a well informed decision on the improvements to your home.

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