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8 Amazing Ideas For Kitchen Storage!

Families of today are extremely busy and daily routines have become hectic. When this happens, we may find that our kitchen will take on the brunt of the clutter and chaos. Countertops often become a “catch-all” and items are never in their proper place.

It’s easy to create simple organization methods with storage options, that will make your kitchen a comfortable place to gather

Let’s take a look at several basic ideas:

1. Pantry

The most important storage solution you can add to your kitchen is a pantry. The bigger the better, if it is within your budget.

Custom pantries can be designed with numerous shelves and racks to store appliances and dry goods. You can free up much needed counter space by removing things like toaster ovens or mixers that aren’t used on a regular basis.

2. Wire Racks

A great solution to storing smaller, loose items is to incorporate wire racks in your cabinets or pantry.

These racks are inexpensive and easily slide over existing shelves to add another layer of storage. Wire racks are extremely useful for extra packets of drink mixes, candy bars or other items you want to contain in a small area.

3. Lazy Susan

One of the greatest inventions in kitchen cabinetry is the Lazy Susan. These convenient cabinet features can be added to any corner cabinet or pantry to easily find items that tend to get pushed to the back.

Lazy Susans are perfect for small items such as spices, as well as larger pieces, such as plastic containers or cookware.

4. Dual Trash Cans

It’s difficult to separate recyclable items from trash and not develop clutter, unless you have a separate bin for each one. Pull out trash cabinets hide unsightly garbage cans but keep them within reach when busy in the kitchen.

5. Lid Storage

Plastic containers and lids are often the demise of an organized cabinet. By attaching a plastic file holder onto the inside of the cabinet drawer, you can keep all of the lids together and stack the containers on the shelves. Your cabinet will stay neat and you will be able to find a matching lid in a jiffy.

6. Under Sink Shelving

The place for many kitchen cleaning supplies is under the sink. It is usually hard to find the items you are looking for because of the awkward space.

Make your life easier by adding a slide out shelf under the sink. You will be able to locate what you need and be able to keep your area tidy and efficient.

7. Under Sink Tilt Drawer

A tilt down drawer just under your sink is the ideal place to store sponges and scrub brushes. Keep unsightly items off the counter but still within reach for ultimate efficiency.

8. Add A Utility Closet

If space allows, adding a utility closet will allow you the perfect storage place for brooms, mops, buckets and dustpans. You can also add shelving to store items such as garbage bags or cleaning products.


The addition of the storage elements mentioned above, will help make your kitchen more organized. Adding or changing cabinets or a pantry can make a big difference in the efficiency of your kitchen. The appearance of your space will not only look better, but it will help you feel better too.

It is recommended to speak with a professional and reputable kitchen designer. They will help you decide what options are the best solution for the needs of your home and budget.

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