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7 Tips For Turning A Tiny Kitchen Into An Eat In Kitchen

Many of us live in city apartments or smaller homes, where finding a place to sit down and eat may become a challenge. A tiny kitchen doesn’t have to mean that you are limited to eating over the sink or on a TV tray in the family room.

There are easy solutions to this problem. With a little ingenuity, you can transform your small space into a gathering place to sit and eat meals with your family and friends.

Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you create the eat in kitchen you have been longing for:

1. Bench Seating

Incorporating bench seating into your tiny kitchen can create a perfect little dining area.

If your space is extremely limited, consider tucking a set of benches into a corner, along with a small table. If there is enough room, an extra chair or two can also be used by the table, in addition to the benches. These extra chairs can be folded and put away after meals if desired.

Benches are quite popular and are created with a variety of materials. You can find unique and trendy benches made of wood, or covered in leather or fabric. Many of which are designed with built in storage, that helps with the lack of cabinets associated with small kitchens.

2. High Top Bistro Table

Taller tables, such as a bistro table, work nicely in small spaces.

Bar stool type seating, makes it easy to slide them under the table and out of the way. Walkways will stay clear and the room won’t appear cluttered.

3. Slide Out Table

A slide out table is the perfect solution to a tiny kitchen. These can be added in between cabinets or put in place of a drawer.

A benefit of this type of table is that you can easily slide it back into hiding when not in use. This will free up much needed floor space.

4. Breakfast Bar

Turn your countertop into a breakfast bar.

Add a few stools and you will be able to enjoy eating in your kitchen without having to find space for a table and chairs.

5. Pedestal Table

Tables with a pedestal base will take up less space that a common table with four legs.

Another benefit is that it is easier to get in and out of your seat than a standard table. Also, pedestal tables are easier to clean around than a four legged table.

6. Triangle Shaped Table

A triangular shaped table fits nicely in a tight corner space. This shape takes up less area than a traditional rectangular or square table.

You will give your kitchen a more modern appeal with a triangular table. Incorporate some bright colors in the room to make this style come to life.

7. Wall Mounted Bar Top

Taking advantage of a wall mounted bar top is a design used in many commercial establishments. Bring that idea to the next level and incorporate it into your home.

This look can be created by choosing a beautiful slab of wood and mounting it along the wall. Some prefer the look of upcycled old wood, while others like a smooth, polished slab.

Bar stools slide under it to keep the space open when not in use. This is an excellent alternative to adding a table.


Now that you are aware of the many options you can choose from, adding an eat in kitchen should no longer be a dilemma.

Your kitchen may be small in size but it can be big in style and efficiency! Be sure to consult with a professional kitchen designer to help bring your ideas to life.

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Image: Flickr

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