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How To Create The Ultimate White Kitchen

If you take a look at any of the latest home design blogs, television shows or magazines, you know that white kitchens are currently preferred by designers across the board.

The clean, bright appearance makes any space feel open and airy. An all white kitchen can make even the smallest area feel spacious.

Creating the ultimate white kitchen can be a breeze if you take a few points into consideration:


Of course, one of the very first things you need to consider in your kitchen transformation, are the cabinets.

While keeping your overall budget in mind, you will need to decide whether you want to update your existing cabinets or install brand new ones.

You should remember that refinishing cabinets is a very time consuming process. The hardware must be taken off each piece and the surface completely sanded before painting and attaching updated hardware.

Having brand new cabinets professionally installed is the easiest and quickest way to change the look of your kitchen.

Consider taking your upper cabinets to the ceiling to create more storage and make the room look larger. To avoid a cluttered look, stay away from putting plants or other décor on the top of the cabinets.


Islands and countertops can be the center of attention if the right material is used. In an all white kitchen, don’t overwhelm the room with plain, stark white counters on every surface.

If you have an island, consider using a different color or material than the countertops. For instance, if you have wood floors, coordinate them with the island top to pull together the overall look.

Multiple Whites

So that your all white kitchen doesn’t blend together, combine multiple shades of white to add a little contrast.

Window treatments, placemats, dishes, cabinets and trim are some elements you can pull together in the same undertone family. Never mix warm tones with cool tones.

Add Texture

Adding hints of texture to an all white kitchen will add interest to the room.

Consider incorporating a woven rug or even paying extra detail to your cabinet hardware. Choose something that visually stands out or has a textured finish, such as brushed stainless.

Wood flooring is another excellent way to add texture and color to a white kitchen. It also gives the space a warm and cozy feeling as well.

Natural Light

Make use of any natural light that comes into the kitchen. It will reflect off of the white surfaces, making the room feel bigger and brighter.

This article recommends to add blinds or other window treatments that can be completely raised to expose the entire window. This will allow the most light possible into the space.

Add Color

Adding a little “pop” of color will prevent the room from looking boring. Pick out one or two of your chosen shades and place them strategically around your kitchen.

The purpose of this is draw the eye around the room. For instance, you can place a cookie jar in the corner on one side of the counter and a coordinating vase of fresh flowers on the island.


There is no doubt that white kitchens, when put together correctly are stunning and timeless. All homes need to be rejuvenated over time and there is no better time than the present.

If you are considering updating the look of your kitchen, consult with an experienced designer. They will be able to guide you through the various options that are available within your budget and taste.

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