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The Biggest Kitchen Design Mistakes People Make

Kitchen design mistakes are easy to make, if you are not aware of the important elements that go into the process.

Creating the kitchen of your dreams takes some forethought to ensure that the space can work as efficiently as possible. Take some extra steps to plan, to ensure that your friends and family will be able to gather comfortably.

The most common kitchen design mistakes are listed below:

Avoiding The Work Triangle Theory

The work triangle is essential to a well functioning kitchen. The sink, refrigerator and stove are all placed within a triangular shape, making it easy to move from one to the other.

When these main appliances are laid out in another fashion, you could find yourself making extra steps, which makes preparing meals a longer process.

Not Enough Seating

It is important to take into account the number of family members and friends who often gather at your home.

Are you regularly hosting dinner parties or holiday meals? If so, then you need to be mindful of where your guests will be seated. You may consider adding a breakfast bar or island that can accommodate extra people when needed.

Making Split Second Decisions

We can all become infatuated with beautiful mock kitchen showrooms, but you need to take some time to see how the same elements will look in your space.

Do you have enough area to create the same look as the showroom? Size can often be deceiving when you look at a showroom kitchen compared to an actual home.

It is recommended to take home samples to see how they will look in the lighting that will be used in your new space.

Poor Storage Options

All of your small appliances, dishes, pots and pans, etc need a home. When you are planning your new kitchen, think about where you will be storing all of these items. This is something you will want to discuss with the designer. You may end up having space to add a pantry, for additional storage.

Poor Lighting

Dark kitchens are uninviting and difficult to work in. It is much easier to prepare a meal if you have sufficient lighting.

Take a look at your existing kitchen. Do you have ample sunlight during the day? If not, you may opt to add a window or increase the size of your current one.

New light fixtures can be added to brighten up your space, as well under cabinet lighting for your workspace. Add pendant lights over your island or peninsula to highlight the area and make it easier to prep food.

Visible Trash Can

One of the most popular afterthoughts is finding a place to conceal the kitchen trash can.

Adding a cabinet with slide out can storage is an excellent way to keep unsightly cans out of view.

Not Including A Backsplash

A big kitchen design mistake is not adding a backsplash behind the countertops.

Price points for backsplashes can range from very low to extremely high. There are many different materials as well, such as metal, glass or ceramic tile.

With a little help from your designer, you will be able to find something that suits your budget and style.


It is always important to contact an experienced designer, to discuss the above points, prior to starting your project. You will be able to go over any concerns you have about your space and the designer will offer new ideas that you may want to incorporate into your overall design.

Whether you are doing a simple remodel, complete overhaul or a new build, your perfect kitchen is possible. Taking the time to plan ahead will make the process go smoothly and you will have your new kitchen in no time! For further reading, check out: How To Design The Perfect Kitchen and Kitchen Cupboard Storage – The Ultimate Designs.

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