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3 Excellent Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Are Suitable for Older Homes

Photo Credit: iStock Photo
Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Older homes have a distinctive charm and are usually perceived as cozy and welcoming. They manage to reflect the personality and taste of their owners like no other environment. However, due to their prominent characteristics and highly individualized style, these properties can be difficult to upgrade. New additions, like stainless steel appliances, shiny wooden custom kitchen cabinets or kitchen islands may look bizarre in an old house that leaves very little room for design reinterpretations. On the other hand, you do love your house, but you can’t help but notice that your walls and flooring need a higher dosage of TLC, while your countertops, backsplash and custom cabinets scream for a rapid facelift. How do you take care of all these subtasks on time and on a budget, without altering the original look and feel of your home? We give you three great kitchen remodel ideas that could easily inspire your upcoming project.

  1. Opt for a Muted Color Scheme. Only a few old houses can look good painted in bright, super intense colors. The rest of them are complimented by a muted color palette that can easily accentuate the rustic vibe of the indoor space requiring remodeling work. Opt for gray granite countertops and pair them with semi-custom kitchen cabinets painted in a grayish iridescent base color, on top of which you could also add a lighter coat of brownish paint, as a final touch. When it comes to upgrading an old kitchen, it would be advisable to stay far away from powerful contrasts, shiny materials and futuristic-looking appliances and decorative objects that do not actually make much sense in this picture.
  2. Avoid Long Runs of Custom Kitchen Cabinets. These days, owners of modern homes strive to design and implement uninterrupted runs of custom kitchen cabinets. However, back in the day, cabinets were seen as freestanding pieces of furniture, which were occasionally brought together based on several criteria, such as materials, shape or color. Try to mix and match different pieces (for instance you could add a painted one and two other pieces available in a neutral color) to recreate the old-school image of a kitchen that looks natural in an old home.
  3. Restyle and Reorganize. The first thing that you should do is to try to mask your big appliances to make your kitchen seem less cluttered and more spacious. In this case, you could order a built-in unit; nonetheless, keep in mind that such additions can be pretty expensive and may also incorporate a big stainless grille that wouldn’t find its place in an old, rustic kitchen. As a smart, cost-efficient alterative you could mount cabinet panels on your existing fridge. Incorporated drawer slides would enable you to open the fridge and the cabinet door simultaneously.

In case you need more on-point kitchen remodel suggestions or a helping hand with your project, just give us a call or write us an email and let’s start working closely to improve the look and feel of your old, beloved home.


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