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3 Things You Should Know Before Calling Your Custom Cabinetry Specialist

iStock_000011477163_SmallKitchen and bathroom cabinets come in a great variety of styles, shapes and sizes. This fantastic diversity makes the selection process seem even more overwhelming. Should you go for great looks or extended functionality? What kind of materials and type of craftsmanship would work best for your environment? You don’t have to provide the answers to these questions in a split second. If you can’t determine what bathroom or kitchen cabinets would be more suitable for you, keep reading to discover the custom cabinetry basics that you should assimilate before calling your remodel expert.

What’s the Difference between Custom, Semi-Custom and Stock Cabinets?

The main difference between these three options is represented by their price. Stock cabinets are the cheapest alternative. The design of most models listed in this category won’t take your breath away; however the fact that they are inexpensive and thus easier to replace after a short period of time may appeal to certain prospects. Semi-custom cabinets are a tad more expensive, but give you more freedom of choice, as they come in more styles, finishes and sizes. Custom cabinets are by far the most expensive ones because they reflect your creative vision and all your needs and demands. Because of their higher level of customization they may take around 12 weeks to make.

How Can I Personalize My Storage?

Custom cabinetry gives you the chance to organize your space in an ideal manner and profit from a great variety of storage options, including roll-out shelves and large drawers that can accommodate your entire collection of pots and pans and dry foods. Open shelving is another aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly option that you may want to consider, especially if you want to design taller cabinets and put awesome-looking dishes or any other decorative items on full display. Additional features such as china displays, wine fridges and wine racks are incredibly sleek and look gorgeous even when they’re empty. The key is to combine such features wisely to create practical cabinets that are also easy on the eyes.

How Could I Choose the Best Look?

Want to choose the best color, hardware and finishing touches for your cabinets? If so, start by selecting the right color palette. Warm, lightly-colored wood would make your space seem more inviting, while cooler tones could reflect the refinement of your space and lead to delightful, unpredictable contrasts with your appliances, wall color or flooring. Leg pieces enabling you to mimic the look and feel of furniture and unique, custom-made polished gold or silver hardware can add value to your cabinets, turning them into real masterpieces. Instead of opting for the classic pulls and knobs available in any home improvement store, consider crafting your own alternatives using premium materials, such as colorful gemstones or glass. At the end of the day, your cabinets say a lot about your sense of style and personal preferences. To come up with the best version of your custom cabinets, choose to work closely with the experts from Modern Kitchen and get all the best cost-free kitchen and bathroom remodel tips that could change your perspective on your indoor space forever.

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