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Popular Kitchen Layout Designs

6 Most Popular Kitchen Layout Designs

The kitchen is usually one room that takes the longest to construct in the house; without its completion, you cannot move in. Nowadays, most houses are designed keeping the kitchen style in mind as it has such an important role to play in the home’s layout. Since there has been an increasing awareness of healthy eating, more people have started spending time in the kitchen preparing fresh meals rather than buying pre cooked microwavable meals. For this reason, the importance of the kitchen has resurfaced.

Kitchens Before And After

There has been a big shift in the design and layout of kitchens over the years. This is because of the shift in the lifestyle of people. Earlier kitchens used to be separate rooms in the house designated only for cooking. It was disconnected from the rest of the home and primarily meant to be a cooking area. Women were mostly housewives who stayed at home and spent a large part of their day in the kitchen preparing and serving meals to the family.

Much has changed since then. More recently, ever since the invention of the microwave and the availability of store-bought precooked meals became available, more people started buying those, especially those living alone and working full-time jobs who didn’t have the time to cook. The most use they had for their kitchen was the sink or a dishwasher, a fridge, and a microwave.

More recently, ever since the pandemic and due to the work-from-home culture, there has been a massive shift in how people viewed the kitchen. Since more people were spending time at home, restaurants had shut down, eating out and ordering in had also been very limited for a long time many people had to resort to cooking at home. This made people spend more time at home and they noticed that improving their kitchens makes  them more functional and efficient.

Kitchens are the heart of every home, and there is no better feeling than the one you get when you walk into your home that smells of a delicious freshly baked pot pie or chocolate chip cookies! The best kind of comfort food is prepared at home, filling you up and warming your heart.

Most Popular Kitchen Layout Designs

There are many different kitchen layout designs to choose from if you are looking to build a kitchen in your new home. The type of kitchen layout depends on many factors, such as:

  • The space available
  • The size of the kitchen
  • The size of your family
  • The frequency of use in the kitchen

Depending on the size and use of your kitchen, you can finalize the layout design you prefer for your kitchen. Here are 5 of the most popular kitchen layout designs to choose between:

1. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

An L-shaped kitchen layout is one that incorporates two perpendicular walls of cabinetry, creating a corner in the middle, which can sometimes be a waste of space. Instead, it can be used efficiently as a pantry to maximize space use and have everything conveniently available. This kind of kitchen layout works for both small and large types of kitchens, and it is up to you to choose which style of kitchen you prefer in your home.

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2. U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

This layout is ideal for larger kitchens as this involves cabinetry on three adjacent walls. This is a dream for many kitchen lovers who love a lot of extra storage space in the kitchen. Although closed cabinets on all three walls can sometimes feel too enclosed; therefore it is recommended to keep certain shelves open to mke the space look larger and open.

3. A Galley Kitchen Layout

A galley kitchen layout is suited for homes that are smaller and do not have the space for a large or open-style kitchen. It incorporates two opposite walls with counters and cabinets running along both sides, creating a galley in the middle. The counters and cabinets face each other, making it convenient for the user to work in the kitchen in this setup. One side of the counter space can be used for cooking purposes, while the opposing counter can have the sink and fridge. This places everything in a convenient setting and within reach.

4. A Peninsula Kitchen Layout

This incorporates a kitchen island that is not in the center of the kitchen but rather attached to a cabinet or a wall. It is great for small kitchens and provides the extra counter space and other benefits of having an island without too much extra space. Ideal for smaller kitchens.

5. Single Walled Kitchen Layout

This is a common kitchen setup ideal for people living alone in single-bedroom apartments, studio apartments, and condos. It uses one wall for cabinets above and a counter below, which incorporates a cooking station, the sink, the fridge, and other appliances all in one row. The cabinet spaces above and below the counter can be used for storage, and this is the ideal solution for smaller homes as it does not take up too much space.

This kind of kitchen can also be made into a smaller ‘dirty kitchen’ used for everyday meals in larger homes with a larger open-style kitchen. The open-style kitchen is often used for quick, non-smelly, fancy meals, while the single-walled kitchen can be used for other meals.

6. An Island Kitchen Layout

Many like to incorporate this very popular kitchen delight into their home. It is ideal for use in open-style kitchens and has many benefits such as:

They Can Serve As A Breakfast Bar

Bar stools or chairs can be added to a kitchen island for a makeshift breakfast counter where the whole family can have a quick breakfast of pancakes and eggs right out of the pan and into their plates. It is a cute and cozy spot for the family to get together early in the morning and exchange quick words before they head out to start their respective days.

They Provide Extra Storage Space

Kitchen islands provide extra shelves and storage cabinets under them for those extra cookbooks and utensils that you don’t want to leave out on the countertops. Everyone loves extra storage in the kitchen and wouldn’t say no to it.

They Increase Counter Space

The more counter space you can get, the better it is in the kitchen. This is especially true for those with large families who have to prepare more than one or two meals together. Extra counter space is always required to lay ingredients onto the counters and to divide your cooking process into various steps.

It also helps to have extra counter space when you are entertaining guests and need the extra space to prepare many different meals simultaneously.

It is A Welcoming Spot For The Entire Family

A kitchen island is where the family will come to hang out, make a light snack or even work. It is a great central location in the house where the whole family likes to hang out.

Creates Definition In An Open Style Kitchen

An open-style kitchen is one that combines the kitchen with the living and dining space with no walls or barriers in between. Having a kitchen island acts as a break between the kitchen and living space so that there is some definition and structure in the room. It’s like a faint demarcation to show where the kitchen ends, and the living room begins. Learn more about kitchen islands here:

The Modern Day Kitchen

While kitchens still hold the same purpose today as they have for years: cooking, storing, dining, and entertaining. Their layout and design have changed considerably to suit our current lifestyle. While it remains the center and heart of a home, it is the first and last place the family visits at the beginning and end of each day. It is where the most conversations are had, the loudest laughs are heard, and often the most tears are shed. It is where the family comes together to enjoy a meal and each other’s company.

Modern kitchens today now have the following features:

They Are Made Open and Airy

The more spacious and large the kitchen looks, the better. Modern kitchens aim to create the image of a large, spacious, airy, and bright kitchen that does not look tiny and gloomy. Large windows that welcome lots of natural light into the kitchen are ideal for a modern-day kitchen. An open plan style is preferred to combine the living room space with the kitchen to save space, make the space look larger, and for ease of entertainment.

When you have guests over, the hosts spend too much time in the kitchen and not enough time mingling with the guests. An open-style kitchen allows the hosts to be a part of their party, allows the guests to help out, and is convenient. You don’t have to leave the party to keep going to the kitchen to get something.

Suppose you have a big family, and you find yourself spending too much time preparing breakfast and other meals during the day and not spending enough time with the rest. In that case, it is ideal to have a large open-plan kitchen so that you don’t feel disconnected from everyone else. It also helps to have an open-plan kitchen when you have small children, and you need to keep an eye on them while preparing meals in the kitchen. An open-plan kitchen allows you to prepare meals or do the dishes while staying connected with the family.

The Cabinets Are Elegant And Have No Handles

Handle-less cabinets give a modern and sleek appearance to the cabinetry in your kitchen as well as add elegance to your kitchen. Cabinets are extremely important for the kitchen as this is where all your extra items are stored and kept away from view. They also contribute to the kitchen’s overall aesthetic; therefore, it is recommended to choose elegant and neutral-colored cabinets that complement the kitchen overall. Darker colors make the kitchen appear gloomy, while lighter colored cabinets, white-washed walls and plenty of daylight make the kitchen look welcoming, clean, and bright.

Built-In Appliances

Appliances can be built in or fully integrated into your kitchen cabinetry to give your kitchen a fantastic, elegant and finished look. Microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers can be built into the kitchen cabinetry to save space and match the overall aesthetic. It reduces clutter and gives a neat and organized look to the kitchen.

Neutral Shades Are Used

Neutral shades of white, beige, mint green, or blue should ideally be used for your kitchen as these colors reflect light. Darker colors absorb light and make a room appear dark and gloomy. The brighter the kitchen looks with natural light, the better it is.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights above the kitchen island provide direct overhead lighting above the worktop space and provide excellent lighting in the kitchen. It looks elegant and modern and provides the perfect lighting for when you are doing something in the kitchen at night.

Under cabinet lighting is also an efficient form of lighting, rather than placing light fixtures on walls as cabinets create shadows on the countertops, making it difficult to see at night. Since preparing food requires the correct lighting to view colors while cooking, lighting Is extremely important in the kitchen.

The Final Word on Popular Kitchen Layout Designs

As mentioned above, a kitchen is the heart and center of every home, therefore, plan your kitchen carefully. Depending on your living situation and the size of your family, you can choose between the different kitchen layout designs to suit your lifestyle. Whether your kitchen is big or small, there is a design that fits all sorts of kitchens. For more ideas on kitchen designs, you can check Modern Kitchen Center for related posts.

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