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How to Conduct a Kitchen Remodel Project to Achieve a Gorgeous Industrial Style Space

Professional kitchen in modern buildingContemporary kitchens have character and always manage to underline the beauty and practicality of your modern furniture and appliances. Rustic spaces are well-liked for their unique warm and unpretentious looks that constantly attract compliments from one’s guests. Luxurious indoor areas are all about rich textures and a sophisticated, limited color palette incorporating certain shades that manage to portray opulence and exclusivity (gold, black and silver are some of the best choices in this case). All these options are delightful and may work well for your environment, but what if you already have your heart set on an industrial décor? How could you transform your indoor space into a chic, minimalist industrial style kitchen in a time and cost-efficient way? Here are three suggestions that could inspire your upcoming kitchen remodel project.

  1. Add Integral Sinks and Stainless Steel Cabinets. To begin with, you should choose to collaborate with a company specialized in custom cabinetry. A set of metallic custom cabinets can and should become the central piece of your industrial kitchen. In this case, you might want to forget all about wooden cabinetry and focus solely on metallic alternatives with bright, silvery accents and minimalist hardware. Silver is the tone that can make your indoor space borrow the grandeur of a shiny, flawless industrial kitchen, but if you’d much rather play the originality card and add a touch of glamour to your room then you may want to mix silver with more or less subtle shades of gold and bronze. These metallic cabinets come with integral sinks and sleek commercial-style faucets and are beautifully complimented by natural lighting.
  2. Note That Exposed Ducting Is a Hot Must-Have Right Now. Want to make your space seem elegant, welcoming and unostentatious at the same time? If so, you may want to add a few elements that can guarantee this effect. Exposed ducting, custom-made steel cabinets in gold or silver and a white marble countertop can support this goal. A white marble-topped kitchen island is extremely versatile and can be used as informal seating, food prepping area and storage.
  3. Remember That There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Stainless Steel. You know what’s really special about industrial kitchens? Aside from their unmatched glow, they have a special way of making your newest, shiniest appliances pop out. You can thank your stainless steel custom cabinets for this benefit. By the way, you should probably know that you can never have too many metallic additions in an industrial kitchen. From bold, odd-shaped custom cabinets to open shelving and pot racks, stainless steel is a safe bet when it comes to designing or redesigning a kitchen.

We have the best guidelines for every single stage of your kitchen remodel project. To find out how you could better your kitchens and bathrooms the easy way, choose to get our experts involved in your home improvement plans.


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