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How To Decorate A Modern Kitchen

How To Decorate A Modern Kitchen

Looking to design a kitchen in your new home? The kitchen is the center of the household and one of the busiest rooms in the house. It is important to make sure that the kitchen is carefully designed and aesthetically pleasing so that the whole family enjoys spending time in this part of the house. Read about the following décor ideas that you can incorporate in your kitchen to make it look modern and luxurious.

The Importance Of Designing A Nice Kitchen

Since the kitchen is the first room in the house that you visit early morning, it should be a pleasant sight for the eyes. It should make you feel happy to be up in the morning, prepare breakfast and get ready for the day. You might be surprised to learn how much the aesthetics of a room can affect your emotions. Entering a smelly, messy kitchen with dirty dishes will automatically make you feel upset and exhausted. You will not want to be present in the kitchen, nor will you feel motivated to clean it or prepare breakfast. If you are running late for work, you would prefer to get breakfast from outside rather than prepare something in your own kitchen.

In the same way, if your kitchen is tiny and dimly lit, you will feel uncomfortable being in the kitchen and rush to prepare your meal and leave. If you have a large family, you would like to enjoy breakfast with them early in the morning before everyone leaves for their day. Sitting in a gloomy and tiny kitchen is not the most pleasant place to make conversation and enjoy breakfast; everyone would just be in a rush to leave.

This is why it is essential to spend time building and designing a kitchen that serves all its functions effectively as well as remains a pleasant room to spend time in. enjoying a meal and spending time with the family is the best way to make memories together that you cherish for the rest of your lives.

How To Design A Modern Kitchen?

When designing a kitchen, there are certain important points that you must remember. Of course, sometimes you are restricted by the space available and have to make do with what you can. Even so, here are some points that you should consider when designing a kitchen.

Choose A Layout For The Kitchen

There are 5 basic layouts for a kitchen. You can choose the one you like best, keeping in mind the space you have available:

  • The L-shaped kitchen
  • The U-shaped kitchen
  • The Island Kitchen
  • The Galley Kitchen
  • The one-wall kitchen

It is important to be careful of the work triangle when designing the kitchen for the most efficient utilization of space. Make sure to keep the island, the sink, and the fridge in a triangle so that everything is within reach while you are cooking.

Incorporate Maximum Daylight Into The Kitchen

Most people will not realize this initially, but it is one of the most important points to consider. A brightly lit kitchen with plenty of daylight is the best thing that you can do for your kitchen. Make sure to incorporate large windows from the ceiling to the floor to allow natural light to illuminate the kitchen. Not only does it make the kitchen look bigger and brighter, but it also makes it look like a clean and happy place that puts anyone who enters it into a great mood. Skylights can also be added when it isn’t possible to cut out windows so that the maximum amount of light is allowed in the kitchen throughout the day. Incorporating natural light helps to cut electricity costs and has many advantages.

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Consider A Dirty Kitchen

A dirty kitchen is an extra room attached to the main kitchen and is often made outdoors. A dirty kitchen is a fantastic addition to the house if you have a large space and a big family or you are fond of hosting guests; it can be used for grilling pork, cooking stew, and other heavy-duty cooking, as well as doing all the dirty dishes, rinsing meat and chicken, and running food processors. It is the best way to keep your main luxury kitchen looking clean while protecting it from damage and extending its life.

For everyday cooking and frying, the dirty kitchen can be used to prevent smell and smoke from entering the main house. It also keeps the noise of the kitchen away from the main house, as most modern kitchens are open-style ones and are connected to the living room space.

Consider Getting A Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a great addition to a modern kitchen as they make the kitchen look great and have many uses. They have the following advantages:

  • They provide extra counter space
  • They provide extra storage space
  • They can be used as breakfast counters
  • They can be used to prepare a quick meal and dish out hot from pan to plate
  • They create a barrier between the living room space and the kitchen

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Go With Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are ideal for use in a modern kitchen. They make the kitchen look brighter, cleaner, and bigger. Dark colors, on the other hand, make the kitchen look small, dingy, and gloomy and do not make for appealing rooms to be in.

Use Horizontal Lines

Incorporating horizontal lines in the kitchen gives the effect of calmness and stability and is therefore preferred in the kitchen. They can be incorporated into tables, countertops, and cabinet designs. Vertical lines make the kitchen look smaller and more crowded.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets are the new trend for modern cabinetry in 2022. They are known for their square edges and box-shaped look. They are trending nowadays because of their simplicity and classy appearance. They have a rectangular shape with squared-off rails and a flat center panel. They can be white or grey, or any other neutral color, and can be finished off with the finishing of your choice. They add elegance and a clean and modern look to the kitchen.

How To Decorate A Modern Kitchen?

Once you have the above design laid out for your kitchen, you can now consider adding a personal touch to your kitchen with décor. This is how you can make your kitchen look cozy and a pleasant room to be in and add your own personal touch.

Indoor Plants

Plants and greenery always add color and vibrancy to any room. They liven up any room, and you may choose the type of plant you prefer depending on your available space. Especially if your kitchen is white or a neutral color, green plants add color and life to your kitchen space. You may choose plants such as the snake plant and the areca palm to release oxygen at night and help detoxify and cleanse the air. Plant a cheap way to decorate your kitchen and add health and elegance to your kitchen space.


Hanging art on the wall adds a pop of color to your kitchen. It is a great way to add a personalized touch to your kitchen and make it look homier and lived in rather than one from a catalog.


Photographs are the best kind of art you can use to decorate your kitchen. You may put your favorite photos on the fridge or you may frame them and hang them on the wall. Choose photos with the family, kids, pets, and those taken during holidays. Photographs add coziness and a homely feel to your kitchen, making it a pleasant room to spend time in.

Wall Paper

There are many beautiful wallpaper designs that you can choose between. You may choose a neutral-colored wallpaper that looks nice against your cabinets and your floor to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen.


You can add a beautiful rug to your kitchen to make it stand out and look elegant. Rugs also reduce noise in the kitchen while you use appliances as well as while you walk around in the kitchen. If you feel that your kitchen is too empty and echoes while working in it, you can add a rug for noise control. It also adds color to your kitchen and makes it look trendy.

The Final Word

Kitchens are the heart of every home and should be carefully designed and decorated. You do not want to spend time and money redecorating your kitchen if you have missed any important details, as it can be expensive. A well-designed and decorated kitchen adds elegance to your home and makes it a pleasant room. For more kitchen designs, visit Modern Kitchen’s website for more décor ideas.

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