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Timeless Kitchen Design

How to Design a Timeless Kitchen

It doesn’t matter what style of home you have or the general theme of the interiors of your house – a timeless kitchen can be achieved with any sort of space. A timeless kitchen will complement traditional as well as modern-looking homes.

With these timeless kitchen ideas, we will tell you everything you need to know about designing the perfect kitchen for your home that is never going to go out of style. No doubt, a new kitchen is a heavy investment, but with minor tweaks and an eye for design, you can achieve a classic look that will look stylish for years to come. In this article, we will be going over different design elements and features that will stand the test of time.

The Kitchen’s Color Scheme

The kitchen’s color scheme sets the tone for the room – it has the power to make or break the kitchen. While some may argue that going for the classic white paint can get boring, it is such a widely used color because it will never go out of style. Luckily, there are numerous shades of white to choose from.

If you’re the sort of homeowner who likes to brighten up every room with colorful hues, we recommend opting for neutral tones with bold accents. Minty green and Seafoam green are popular choices for people who like to keep their kitchens looking fresh and stylish. For a timeless finish of the kitchen, you can go for gray and wood tones as well. By keeping the bones of the kitchen neutral, you can add pops of color by placing a fun rug or colorful wall hangings.

Here are some of the most popular color schemes for a timeless kitchen:

  • White on White – minimalism at its finest, with a clean and sophisticated finish. The ultimate timeless look for your kitchen can be achieved with white cabinetry and countertops.
  • Green and Gold – if you have a large floor area for the kitchen space, then painting the walls and cabinetry green can really help ground the overall look. You can include reflective surfaces like stones and tiles to brighten the room. By incorporating gold accents like hardware and faucets, you can add a touch of sparkle to your timeless kitchen.
  • Hues of Blue – to get the perfect timeless kitchen decor, try to go for a combination of multiple shades of blue. To make the room look bigger, go with a lighter shade of blue for bigger elements such as the cabinetry and backsplash. You can add depth with darker shades of blue through dishware, rugs, seating, and even the window panels. To prevent the kitchen from looking too crowded with color, try to pick out shades that have similar undertones.
  • Green and Dark Gray – Dark stormy gray is another timeless neutral color popular among interior designers and homeowners. By making the permanent elements gray, you can add vibrant accents of lime green through the bar stools, countertop decor, and artwork. Try not to get overboard with dark gray as it may result in your kitchen looking extra gloomy. To make the kitchen look airy, balance the gray and green with white walls and backsplash.
  • Purple and Gray – Instead of opting for lime green, you can select a deeper color like purple to get a more regal effect. Pairing purple accents with charcoal gray countertops will bring a good balance to the kitchen. If you don’t want your kitchen to look too dark, you can add plenty of white elements.
  • Black and White – a perfectly balanced color scheme for your kitchen. You can get a timeless look by applying white to the foundational elements and adding black accents. To give a more dramatic look to your kitchen, you can place a black and white backsplash or tile flooring.

Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry

Shaker-style cabinets are known for their simple aesthetic with their panel-design doors. Shaker cabinets have been in style for at least a century, and they have no plans of getting out of fashion anytime soon. If you want your kitchen to have a timeless feel, shaker cabinets are the way to go.

Shaker cabinets blend perfectly with a farmhouse-style decor; however, they also work extremely well with numerous other home decor styles. Shaker cabinets have clean lines that blend with modern and traditional aesthetics. They provide lots of space and functionality to the kitchen.

Glass cabinet doors are another style of timeless cabinetry that will give your kitchen the illusion of more space. You can place decorative pieces or expensive China in these cupboards to give a rich touch to the kitchen. Incorporating custom lighting will become a stunning addition.

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Timeless Kitchen Countertops

Granite, marble, and quartz countertops are sleek, chic, and sophisticated. The best way to give your kitchen a brand new look is by replacing the countertops. Quartz countertops are timeless and can be seen in kitchens all over the world.

Marble is a slightly more expensive material for countertops, but it’s definitely worth it. The veined texture and sleek finish brightens the room and give a clean finish. Going with neutral colors like white, beige, tan, or ivory will go with any style. If your kitchen has a source of natural light coming in, the countertops will reflect the light, giving the illusion that the room is bigger. Consulting with professionals will give you a better idea of what type of countertop will look the best in your kitchen.

Kitchen Organizers

Organization and having a place for everything in the kitchen will never go out of style. Built-in appliances and pull-out cabinets are modern additions to your kitchen layout, but they are extremely useful in maintaining a clean and organized kitchen.

One of the most common issues homeowners face is the lack of storage space that’s in the kitchen. To create a timeless space that will be functional for years to come, make sure you include a pantry and storage space that can hold all your kitchen equipment. As your family grows, you need to make sure you have enough space to accommodate all the extra food and equipment. From refrigerator dividers to cutlery organizers, smart storage decisions will help you enjoy your space without your cabinets overcrowding with dishware, Tupperware, and utensils.

Opt for Quality Hardware

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of upgrading the look of your kitchen is by replacing the hardware. Knobs, handles, and faucets add to the aesthetic of your kitchen so choose the design wisely. For a well-worn and classic look, you can go for bronze knobs and handles. It’s not necessary that the material of your hardware has to be the same, you can mix and match different materials and styles that complement one another. Chrome faucets are timeless features to include in your kitchen, but you don’t have to place chrome hardware everywhere else – black knobs and handles will look just as sleek and timeless.  Other options for timeless hardware include satin and nickel finishes, brass hardware, and metal with gold polish.

Classic Backsplash

When choosing a new backsplash, make sure you think this one through because it is one of the first elements of the kitchen where your eye goes. The backsplash and color of the walls also determine the overall look of the kitchen. For a timeless aesthetic, subway tiles are the way to go. They are functional, attractive, and unique. If you want to make it interesting, instead of going with the traditional horizontal placement of the tiles, you can switch up the pattern too to give a more dramatic feel. Your kitchen remodeling expert will help you choose a unique color for the grout. If you wish to keep it subtle, opting for white subway tiles will give you the timeless kitchen look you have in mind.

Go for Vintage Appliances

Although stainless steel and trendy appliances have a certain appeal to them, if you want to be consistent with the timeless decor, we recommend opting for appliances that have a more retro look. Modern-day appliances have a tendency to go in and out of fashion really fast, but with vintage appliances, the fluctuations are much steadier. Brands like Northstar, Smeg, and Laconche manufacture appliances that have an old-school charm to them. Appliances by these brands are not only functional, but they also act as kitchen decor, which you can keep on your countertops.

Consider the Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is one of the most efficient ways to enhance the ambiance of your space. It keeps your countertops perfectly lit and brings depth to the kitchen during nighttime. Smart lighting fixtures like hidden strip lighting, task lighting, mood lighting, internal lighting, and recessed cabinet lighting are all different types of fixtures that will elevate your kitchen.

As for the main lighting fixture of the kitchen, most people like to have a statement piece in the middle of the room that hangs over the kitchen island. From hanging lanterns to milky glass light globes, these timeless lighting fixtures are the perfect blend of modern and traditional. Such fixtures will suit any type of kitchen, especially if you’re going for timeless, classic decor.

The Bottom Line

If you decide to remodel your kitchen to give it a more timeless look, you must focus on making sure it lasts long as opposed to making sure it looks good. A lasting look can be achieved by going for a neutral color scheme with complementary details and accents. A white kitchen will never be out of style, and it helps make your kitchen look bigger than it actually is. The cabinetry and lighting of the kitchen are also important elements to consider when remodeling a timeless kitchen.

An expert will help you walk through the entire kitchen remodeling process, and they will make sure that your kitchen looks and functions just the way you like it. The main thing to consider when designing a timeless kitchen is the value of the materials used and how long the style of your kitchen lasts.

Contact Modern Kitchen Center for all your kitchen-related queries and assistance. Our team of professionals will ensure that all your kitchen remodeling needs are met.

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