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How To Work Out Where All Your Power Points Will Go

Power points are extremely important when designing your kitchen.

You should devote ample time to planning your power point locations in advance, so there are no regrets later. It is much easier to install all of your outlets before your kitchen is fully completed. Nobody wants to have to go through the hassle of putting holes in walls for an outlet that you could have installed prior.

So, before you get started, let’s take a look at the best places to install your power points:

Major Appliance Power Points

This article suggests that the main outlets should be designated for your major appliances, such as refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher.

This is a very important step to keep in mind, if you are changing the overall layout of your existing kitchen or starting from scratch.

Small Appliance Power Points

Today’s conveniences allow us to have multiple small kitchen appliances. While keeping that in mind, we also need multiple outlets in which to plug them in.

Are you the type of person who likes to keep most of their small appliances on the counter or do you keep them hidden and only pull them out when you use them? Most people who keep their appliances on the counter store them near the outlets that they will be using.

First, decide exactly where you want to place your outlets, once you have determined the location of your small appliances. You have several options. Some people like to place the outlets on their backsplash.

Kitchen Design Center

This article recommends placing outlets under the bottom of the cabinet surface if you want to hide them. Then, you only plug in your appliances when in use.

Everyone has different tastes, so choose whichever option best suits you and your space.

Phone Charging Station

There are always cell phones, tablets and other electronics that need charging.

Find a place in your kitchen that would be best suited for a charging station and install a power point. You may even want to include a box that hides the charging cords for an even neater look.

Vacuum Power Points

Make sure you don’t forget to add the lower power points. These outlets will come in handy when vacuuming. You also may want to use it to plug in items, such as a water cooler.

Consider the length of the cord on your vacuum cleaner as opposed to the size of your kitchen. Doing so, will help determine the number of lower power points you may want to install.


Now that you are aware of the best places to install your power points, you can continue on the journey to your fabulous new kitchen.

Avoid installing any power points close to sinks. You don’t want to have any of your outlets exposed to splashes of water, which could cause electrocution.

Numerous other elements are involved in creating the kitchen of your dreams. You will also need to determine the layout of your kitchen and if you will be changing it. You will need to choose flooring, countertops and cabinets, as well as figure out lighting options and possible extra seating, such as an island or peninsula.

Since designing a new kitchen is a complex project, it is always best to consult with an experienced, professional designer. They will be able to guide you throughout the entire design process and ensure that all of the features you are interested in are discussed. When you have a designer working on your kitchen, you will be able to stay on budget and get the best looking space for your money.

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