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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

The kitchen is the heart and soul of every household where families have hearty meals together. If your kitchen is well planned and aesthetically-pleasing, it be easier for you to work in. The perfect kitchen space is built to enhance overall efficiency and space. A crammed kitchen, on the other hand, is messy, cluttered, and hard to work in, making your cooking time stressful and time-consuming. A little planning and effort, however, can help you remodel your small kitchen into a spacious kitchen.

Why Do You Need to Remodel Your Kitchen?

Improves Lifestyle

A purpose-built kitchen is tailored to meet your specific requirements and gives you enough space to make delicious food. A spacious kitchen is an excellent place for you and your family to relax and bond together over a scrumptious lunch or dinner. If your kitchen space does not enhance your lifestyle, a little effort or money spent in upgrading it is worth it.

Sometimes, it is important to remodel your kitchen to match your specific lifestyle and taste preferences. Personalizing your kitchen, according to your taste, can include upgrading your countertops, refreshing the paint on the walls, or changing the color of your cabinets.

Efficient Performance and Functionality

A stuffed kitchen space, is hard to work in, if you want maximum output from your time spent in the kitchen, make sure that your kitchen has ample walking space with clear counters to work on.

The right remodeling job can make your small kitchen more spacious; all you need is some extra fittings that will free up the floor and counter space. Here’s how you can add value to your small kitchen:

  • Add dividers in drawers to organize and store things
  • Add lights on or under your cabinets to save space and make your kitchen appear bigger
  • Remove partition walls from the kitchen
  • Get smaller kitchen appliances and save space on the counters and floor
  • Add a storage area on the walls
  • Remove heavy furniture e.g., tables and chairs, and replace it with small stools and counters

Fits the Requirements of The Household

Your kitchen space should meet the specific needs of your entire family. For example, big families need adequate space to enjoy their meals. You may need to remodel your kitchen if your existing kitchen does not accommodate your entire family.

On the other hand, if your family is small, you can reduce your sitting space by getting rid of extra chairs or getting a smaller dining table. Some families may want extra counter space because they love having guests over. They can get extra cabinets or hanging shelves installed to accommodate their utensils and use the countertops to entertain their guests.

Adds Value to Your House

Remodeling your kitchen enhances the value of your home and increases its resale value. If you are planning on selling your place now or in the future, remember that homes with new / remodeled kitchens sell much faster than houses with old-fashioned stuffy kitchens.

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Simple steps to remodel your kitchen and increase your home’s resale value include updating your countertops, kitchen hood, appliances, flooring and tiles, and cabinets.

Saves Energy And Water

Did you know that spending a little on remodeling your kitchen can actually help you save on your energy and water costs? Outdated kitchen appliances consume more electricity than newer, eco-friendly ones.

You can reduce your energy usage and costs by switching to cost-friendly kitchen appliance options. Some examples include energy-saving refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and cooking ranges.

How Can Kitchen Remodeling Spruce Up Your Space?

One of the main reasons why many people opt to remodel their kitchens is to make them more spacious. If you have a small kitchen, you can make it look bigger by painting the kitchen walls in lighter colors, such as white or yellow or adding mirrors on the walls and cabinets. You can install lights on cabinets and under them, instead of the walls and roof.

If you want to make your kitchen more spacious, you can remodel it using the right tools. Shared below are some tips you can use to remodel your kitchen and spruce up your space.

Use Slimmer Cabinets

Cabinets take up a lot of kitchen space and make the kitchen look cramped. One way to make your kitchen spacious is to use slimmer cabinets. A cabinet depth of about 12- 15 inches, as opposed to a 28-inch deep cabinet, is ideal to save you ample kitchen space. These cabinets are not meant to hold bulky items, but you can stock them with lightweight, smaller utensils while placing the heavy pots and pans on the side or underneath the cupboards.

Use A Single Sink Instead of A Double One

Sinks are essential in all kitchens but double sinks take up a lot more space than single sinks. Most kitchens have double sinks, although most families can work perfectly with single sinks.

Reducing your sink to one or one and a half can actually save up a lot of kitchen space, giving you more empty countertops to work on and extra space to move around. Single sinks free up space to add more cabinets or counters to the kitchen, making your kitchen more efficient without having to increase its size.

Use A Cutlery And Utensil Tray

Even a spacious kitchen can look stuffy and messy if the cutlery and utensils are scattered around, we advise using space-effective ways to keep everything neatly stacked.  A cutlery tray can be used to organize your silverware, and a utensil tray can be used to organize the utensils.

Using these trays will keep your silverware and utensils in their places instead of cluttering the countertops. To save space, the cutlery trays can be hung on walls and the utensil tray can be fitted in one of the cabinets.

Mount Shelves On The Wall

Extras shelves on the walls save space while making the kitchen essentials easily accessible. If your kitchen is small and you have a lot of things that you need to store, you can add extra shelves on the kitchen walls instead of occupying the countertops. There can be separate shelves holding spices, cutlery, plates, kitchen towels, and napkins.

Sleek shelves with pleasing colors or glass walls will not only hold your kitchen essentials but will also make your kitchen look bigger and give it an aesthetically beautiful feel.

Install A Pot Rack

A pot rack can hold cooking pots and pans without taking up much space, as it can be hung anywhere in the kitchen. Pots made of cast iron and stainless steel make the kitchen look beautiful, especially if they are elevated aesthetically. Using a pot rack not only keeps your cookware where you can see it and access it, but it also saves up a lot of cabinet space, making it a must-have if you have installed slim cabinets in your kitchen.

Add Dividers For Maximum Storage in Drawers And Cupboards

Dividers organize things better, making it easier for you to store maximum things in the cupboard or drawers. A designated place for every kitchen essential help in effective utilization of space, giving your kitchen a clean look.

Install Smaller Appliances

Reducing the size of your kitchen appliances can give your kitchen some extra space, and makes it look cleaner as opposed to a kitchen crammed with huge kitchen appliances. Many people buy huge kitchen appliances when they can make do with smaller ones, the appliances take up space and increase energy costs.

You can opt for a smaller dishwasher or a slimmer fridge and use the space saved for extra counters or just leave it to enjoy some extra walking space. If you are in a small household, we recommend a condo-sized dishwasher of about 18 inches and a refrigerator of around 28-30 inches.

Other appliances, such as microwaves, ovens, coffee machines, and stoves can be reduced to an efficient size or stacked on shelves so that they take up minimal space. This is a good time to decide what actually you need for the kitchen and dispose of appliances that you do not need.

Install Hooks for Mugs and Hang Your Glasses

Coffee and tea mugs are must-have essentials in every kitchen, as useful as they rea, we cannot deny the clutter they create and the space they take up. The mugs can be placed on the walls on a hook holder, again saving space and reducing the chances of breakage due to clutter. The same can be done for glasses, by hanging them on the roof just like you see in a bar.

Get A Cutting Board That Fits Your Sink

Every kitchen has a cutting board that takes up space on the counter. Where there is a cutting board, there is bound to be a mess and a lot of washing. Placing a cutting board on the sink is convenient and practical, and saves counter space,  which can be used for something else.


Add Rolling Shelves

Make Kitchen Remodeling EasierIf you have too many things in the kitchen, consider using a rolling shelf. Rolling shelves occupy minimal kitchen space and are great at storing things. The shelves can be kept elsewhere and brought to the kitchen only when required. This solves your storage problems and also makes the kitchen look clean and spacious. Some rolling shelves can also be placed within cupboards and help store heavy kitchenware.

Some other ways to make your kitchen spacious include using basket dividers for baking sheets, lid pans a magnetic knife bar to store knives. The kitchen corners can be utilized to keep things such as baskets and plants.

Sadly, storage space in a kitchen is never enough, remodeling it to meet your requirements may seem costly and time-consuming, however, a little preparation and planning can help you make your kitchen the kitchen of your dreams. Here is how you can remodel your kitchen step by step.

  1. Plan and organize before you start! Make a to-do list, map out what needs to be done and how
  2. Hire contractors and buy your equipment
  3. Define a budget and assign tasks
  4. Remove everything that you are going to change
  5. Do the wiring and electric works first
  6. If there is any plumbing to be done, do it before you start remodeling
  7. Get the paint job done
  8. Attach the new cabinets and flooring
  9. Install new countertops
  10. Install the sinks and appliances

Sum It Up

The kitchen is the most important room of every household, it is the only room in the house that everyone uses to spend time together, exchange gossip, and share their meals. Spacious, purpose-built kitchens lead to happy households while cluttered kitchens create frustration and stress. A small-sized kitchen can be remodeled and turned into a spacious kitchen.

Remodeling a kitchen adds space, elegance, and class to your kitchen while increasing the resale value of your house. Installing modern appliances sometimes saves costs as they use less energy and water. There are many ways you can redesign your kitchen and make it space-efficient. You can make your kitchen appear bigger by adding glass walls and using light-colored paint, such as white. Some effective techniques to add value and extra space to your existing kitchen include adding wall shelves, dividers, and racks to your kitchen and reducing the size of your kitchen appliances. Before you start remodeling your kitchen, it is always a good idea to organize your tasks step by step and assign a budget to the job.

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