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Types of Custom Cabinets That Work Well for Any Bathroom

Detail of bathroom counter and tile in modern homeWhen you want to upgrade your home on a tight budget, you are determined to spot the most affordable additions with the highest aesthetic value, cut down unnecessary costs and apply hot design principles based on the particularities of your indoor space.

Why Should You Invest in Custom Designs in the First Place?

When it comes to improving or redesigning your bathroom from scratch, you should know that you could easily give this room a quick, painless facelift by simply ordering and installing new custom cabinets. Yes, we can actually anticipate your first reaction: “I would love to buy new cabinets, but custom designs are so incredibly expensive!” Truth be told, custom cabinets are more affordable than you may think and display the superior craftsmanship, premium materials and design ideas that will fuel your passion for your unique furniture pieces for decades in a row. This being said, note that custom cabinetry is not all about ephemeral trends and astronomical price tags. As a matter of fact, some custom design interpreted to your liking can match almost any type of bathroom, regardless of its style and overall vibe. Here are three such examples that you may appreciate.

  1. Formal Cabinets with a Twist. Wood or laminate cabinets still find their place in contemporary bathrooms reflecting an elegant, minimalist style. Formal cabinets involve a perfect symmetry displayed by a well-balanced arrangement of cabinetry, mirrors and sinks. A unit located between two sinks can be used as an ideal storage space, where you could deposit all your bathroom supplies. Moreover, the exposed legs of custom cabinets can help you recreate the charm of freestanding furniture that you would normally place in your bedroom or living room.
  2. Marble Overdose for a Glamorous Bathroom. Do you like to do things differently? In this case, consider personalizing a combination of stone and natural unstained wood. Marble countertops paired with spacious storage units and integrated sinks represent the must-haves that your entire bathroom remodel plan should rely on. You can boost the cohesion of your indoor space by upgrading your walls and/or flooring, using decorative marble stone tiles in your favorite colors. For a wow effect and a higher dosage of glamour, stick to neutrals (ivory, white or camel) and explore the power of seduction of metallic accents ensured by oversized retro gold and silver hardware.
  3. Contemporary Custom Designs Geared Towards Beauty and Practicality. Contemporary designs do not necessarily have to be perceived as cold and common. You can spice things up a bit without exceeding the boundaries of your favorite style by testing a combination of bathroom cabinets with drawers made of natural wood with a rich, warm finish, sleek stainless steel pulls, undermount sinks and contrasting tile backsplash displaying multiple shades of gray.

These three custom design ideas work well for any type of modern bathroom. In case you feel the need to consult other sources of inspiration to find the bathroom remodel ideas that are just perfect for your home, start by selecting the best alternatives with help from our friendly staff.


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