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Are You the Victim of a Kitchen Makeover Mistake?

Making the decision to make over your entire kitchen isn’t one to take lightly. From the cost to the inconvenience of rendering the center of your home out of commission for the duration, you want to be sure that you’re completely happy with the end result. Unfortunately, when it comes to kitchen remodels, there can be too much of a good thing. Despite your best efforts, there’s a good chance you could have committed one of the following kitchen makeover mistakes. Never fear, though. Most have simple remedies that help you put your personal stamp of approval on your dream kitchen.

No Character

Uh-oh – in your bid to create the perfect magazine-worthy kitchen, you might have forgotten to add a few personal touches along the way. While a beautifully remodeled kitchen might be ready for its close-up, if it doesn’t really speak to your style, you could end up being unhappy with the results. Luckily, it’s easy to inject a little personality into a lackluster, character-free kitchen. Try adding a new paint color or swapping out the wall accents for something a little more “you.”

Dysfunctional Elements

In looking to score the perfect kitchen, you may have gotten so excited about the various elements that you forgot to see if they actually worked in your space. Installing a fridge where the door can easily bang into a cabinet or putting the sink too far away from the stove could mean that even though your kitchen is beautiful, it may not be completely functional. A few safeguards in place can make your kitchen more livable, like a pot-filler near the stove or converting a troublesome cabinet into a shelving unit instead can help you reclaim functionality.

Wasted Space

The best kitchen is the one that makes the most use of all of the available space – even the areas you may not have thought of. Cabinets that don’t reach the ceiling and leave space for accents or storage may be one area that you missed. Give your kitchen a once-over and make sure that it’s utilizing all of the available space properly. The addition of some shelves or some hooks on the wall can add even more storage for a clean, neat and organized kitchen.

Too Cluttered

When designing a dream kitchen, you can definitely have too much of a good thing. While you want to pack all of your most desired design elements into one kitchen, the results can easily become too cluttered. A wine rack, butcher block, wall-mounted pot holder, your favorite oven mitts and a huge piece of artwork can create a cluttered look if all placed in one room; it can be pretty overwhelming to the eye. Make sure that your kitchen has personality, but you’re not constantly knocking over items or moving them out of the way to reclaim the space when cooking. Stashing some of your stuff in cabinets can help you maintain a cleaner look.

Going Cheap

Sure, those cabinets you found in the classifieds section of the newspaper might have been cheap, but will they hold up for years to come? Have you chosen cheap countertops or those made of sturdy material – think quartz – that will last for years? Going cheap can save you money, but you might also end up with yet another pricey remodel in the future. Focus on quality products based on how often you’ll use the kitchen – they’ll pay you back over time.

No kitchen makeover is completely perfect, so don’t worry if there are a few elements that get on your nerves. Some simple switches and solutions can have you loving your new kitchen in no time.

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