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3 Chic Bathroom Cabinet Styles That Will Make You Start a Remodel Project

Modern design luxury bathroom interiorDo you still think that bathroom cabinets are a must-have only because their serve precise practical purposes? Of course, these elements were initially projected to store a wide range of personal belongings that you may need inside and outside the bathroom, including towels, medicine, face and body lotions, make-up products and so on. But at this point, bathroom cabinet styles should be judged based on two important criteria: functionality and appeal.

Custom cabinetry has nothing to do with boring lines, outdated design and limited usability. As a matter of fact, companies specialized in manufacturing custom bathroom cabinets manage to launch new trends and surprise you with original cool factors every single year. Speaking of ingenious details, here are 3 exquisite cabinetry styles that may convince you to give the green light to abathroom remodel project in the near future.

1) Cabinets Recreating the Feel of Wooden Furniture

Naturally, you know that wood isn’t the perfect candidate for your bathroom cabinetry. Since elevated levels of humidity and moisture can make wood display premature signs of wear and tear, you might as well turn to less fragile options such as termofoiland laminates. But love is blind and stubborn and wood is incredibly gorgeous; so how could you possibly pursue your creative goals? Invest in fabulous cabinetry resembling wood furniture, made from your compound materials of choice. Opt for a simple, minimalist design with tall legs and large open shelves that can be used to deposit your essentials: bath towels, robes or cleaning products.

2) Freestanding Vintage Vanities

Want to turn one of your bathrooms into a major point of interest? If so, you just have to design your very own custom vintage freestanding vanity. It will automatically convert the dullest interior space into a delightful half-bathroom that you can proudly call your personal powder room.

3) Repurposed Medicine Cabinets

At some point, you may feel that your bathroom cabinets take up a lot of space without actually earning it. If that’s the case, perhaps you are limiting their functionality. A modern medicine cabinet has a lot of potential and comes with tons of fun, useful features. Some of them display incorporated TV screens and mini fridges, while others let you add removable trays, shelves and drawers as you see fit. Whether you want to watch your favorite TV show while you’re enjoying a nice, long bubble bath or just wish to keep a few cold beverages, organic cosmetic products or snacks in your bathroom, the new generation of medicine cabinets can certainly address all your needs and demands.

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All in all, designing the best bathroom cabinet for your indoor space should involve nothing but fun, passion and enthusiasm. In case you get stuck somewhere along this beautiful creative process, just give us a call and we’ll offer you the best pointers to help you accomplish your mission.

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