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Bathroom Remodel Mishaps That You Should Avoid at All Costs

TilesWhen it comes to bathroom remodel projects, the first rule that you should keep in mind is that there are no rules.  Just kidding! Of course you need more than common sense to achieve excellent results! As a matter of fact, choosing the most suitable shapes, colors and sizes is only one condition of your success. Wondering what could turn the transformation of your indoor space into a costly error? If so, just take a closer look at the top 3 remodeling mistakes listed below.

1) Deciding That a Color Theme Is Not Important. Even if you would define yourself as an artist and a free spirit, it is still not advisable to paint your bathroom in a rainbow of colors. Stick to a unitary color theme that makes sense and complements your custom cabinetry, fixtures and additional décor elements. You could also opt for timelessly elegant duos that look great, like black and white, black and silver, brown and gold or black and gold.

Metallic tones are the hit of the season and will add a glamorous touch to your indoor spaces, while shining bright next to your stainless steel hardware. White bathrooms are the symbol of supreme cleanliness, while shades of blue may remind you of the depth and the magnetism of the ocean. Whichever colors you choose to combine, make sure the mix won’t make your eyes bleed or enhance your stress levels after a busy day spent at the office.

2) Not Realizing That Certain Materials Are Not Suitable for Bathroom Cabinets. Natural wood is not really appropriate for bathroom areas and you know why. Elevated levels of moisture and humidity could alter the look and feel of your wooden surfaces. Instead of manufacturing custom bathroom cabinets from hardwood, design equally gorgeous ones using laminates or thermofoil. Various substitutes ensure a nice finish and are cost-effective, low-maintenance and much more durable and resistant than wood.

3) Trying to Combine Different Styles. Diversity is not always a major plus. You can’t turn your bathroom into a Japanese spa, make it resemble a giant aquarium and also get the vibe or a barn-inspired bathroom. It just wouldn’t look good. The metallic accents that characterize the hip industrial style have nothing in common with the pale pink of a chic powder room or the wooden frames of a rustic bathroom. Even if you have an eclectic personal style, don’t try to steal several details that belong in different eras and try to stitch them together.  This type of “collage” would most likely be cataloged as the supreme kitsch.

Sometimes, you can make tons of costly mistakes while redecorating your bathroom without even noticing that you’re going against the unwritten rules of good taste. To prevent mishaps, count on our expert advice. Just give us a call or contact us via email and let us turn your bathroom remodel into a total success.


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