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3 Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Old Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Installing CabinetsMost people tend to think that expensive custom kitchen cabinets come with a lifetime guarantee that justifies the price tag. This is not how it works. Regardless of the type and quality of the materials that they incorporate, sooner or later your kitchen cabinets will start to display more or less subtle signs of wear and tear. In this situation, should you panic, call your cabinet company or your interior designer and order new furniture pieces for your kitchen? This sounds like a lovely plan, but what if you can’t really afford brand-new, shiny custom-made cabinets? Here’s an option worth considering: you could upgrade your existing ones in just a few easy steps. Keep reading to discover the most ingenious suggestions for a result-oriented DIY project.

  1. Apply a Fresh Coat of Pain to Battle the Cave-Like Aspect of Your Room. Too-dark cabinets that are also worn out and boring can make your indoor space resemble a cave. How can you restore the beauty of those gloomy boxes without being forced to buy new ones? By applying a coat of paint, you can turn even the dullest kitchen into a joyful space. For this kind of project you would need sandpaper, a paintbrush, a reliable primer and cleaner and of course, premium paint available in the brightest, most calming and relaxing colors.


  1. Reface Your Old Cabinets on a Budget. Woodworking companies let you breathe new life into a less appealing aging space by simply changing the doors of your cabinets and replacing their finish. Instead of throwing more than 10,000 dollars on new custom kitchen cabinets, you would probably be able to reface your cabinets at a fraction of this cost and save a few thousand dollars without making any quality compromises. Moreover, you should also know that several players in this industry provide “peel-and-stick” veneer that is extremely easy to apply, gorgeous and cost-effective. Using this type of versatile material, you can upgrade your beat up, grease-caked, cat-scratched cabinets in the blink of an eye.
  1. Add Under-Cabinet Lighting. Maybe your cabinets are still in excellent condition, but you have this distinctive impression that something is missing. No, we’re not talking about those large TV screens that cost a fortune and can be fitted in even bigger cabinets. We’re actually referring to under-cabinet lighting, an extremely useful additional element that you may have been neglecting for too long. Hidden fixtures tailored to your needs and demands are easy to customize and retrofit. For a southing and dramatic lighting effects and everything in between choose to link your fixtures to a dimmer switch. Sometimes, you just have to see things in adifferent light. Under-cabinet lighting may convince you that your old cabinets have an unexplored potential that can still be tapped for many more years to come.

Hopefully, these suggestions will enable you to save big during your kitchen remodel project. If you need a helping hand with this labor-intensive assignment, contact us today and we’ll offer you the expert guidance that you need to ensure the best facelift for your space.

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