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3 Excellent Kitchen Countertop Ideas That You Could Steal from a Top Cabinet Company

kitchenRegardless of their size, décor theme and design particularities, all kitchens should have two major attributes in common: Increased functionality and great looks. After all, your kitchen is the place where you host small parties, organize elegant brunches and have your coffee in the morning. Nonetheless, this is also the indoor space where you have to complete less glamorous assignments, like doing dishes and chopping onions. This is precisely why the foundation of your future kitchen remodel project should be built on two main focal points: a) your need for a superior level of comfort coupled with a new design and b) your practical requirements.

In this context, it becomes obvious that you should think twice before selecting your new kitchen countertops. If you’re willing to design your own with just a little bit of help from a reputable cabinet company, here are a few suggestions that you can apply to come up with the desirable results:

1) The Black and White Duo Will Always Be Fashionable. Black and white is a tasteful, ageless combination that will always make a powerful fashion statement no matter what. If you are looking for a fabulous kitchen countertop that you wouldn’t have to replace after a couple of years, opt for a black one, made from granite. This type of countertop is beautiful, versatile and resistant, and will manage to complement a white island or a pair of nude or ivory kitchen cabinets.

2) White-on-White Is a Fantastic Choice. White is not as pretentious as you may think; plus it will enable you to create a positive optical illusion and make your kitchen look brighter and more spacious than it really is. White-on-white could never get boring; on the contrary, this combination is incredibly sophisticated, especially when it is upgraded by new silver or golden metallic hardware. Pair a white marble island top with soapstone counters and see how a minimalist, colorless design can actually work to your best advantage.

3) Wood Turns a House into a Home. Wood can recreate a welcoming, rustic vibe without sacrificing comfort or elegance. In terms of kitchen cabinetry, go in favor of warm tones and durable materials. For example, you could wrap a classic pine island in resistant elm slabs. You can also play with different earthy shades and different levels of contrast to determine which type of chromatic combination is more flattering. Those who dislike the conservative aspect of hardwood furniture can use stainless steel countertops to create a mesmerizing industrial gleam that may reflect their lifestyle choices, aesthetic demands and taste in a more accurate manner.

All in all, it is extremely important to work closely with a dependable cabinet company throughout the entire kitchen remodel project. In case you are looking for more tips and professional advice related to your kitchen’s extreme makeover, just give us a call and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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