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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinets Hardware

Closeup of a cabinet installer installing drawer hardware on newWe all know how we want our kitchen cabinets to be:  beautiful, unique and able to withstand many years of non-stop abuse without showing any premature signs of wear and tear. Nonetheless, most of the enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers are clueless when it comes to selecting the right hardware for their custom cabinets. Don’t take this phase too lightly: an uninspired choice can compromise your design project and impact the overall aesthetics of your indoor space. Can’t decide on your own? If so, just take a closer look at the following basic tips on how to spot, buy and mix and match fantastic kitchen cabinets hardware with minimal effort.

Every Style Tells a Different Story and Requires a Certain Type of Hardware

Allow us to explain: you can’t put crystal knobs on old-looking cabinets built for your barn-inspired kitchen and expect them to look good. Make sure your creative ambitions follow a logical trajectory. There are several unspoken design rules that you have to follow, to create a harmonious, unitary style that doesn’t display disturbing discrepancies. Here are a few helpful suggestions that you may want to factor in:

  • Old World-inspired pulls and knobs work best for traditional and European style spaces.
  • Streamlined pulls are ideal for modern kitchens with a minimalist design. In this particular case, both rectangular and tubular alternatives are considered excellent picks.
  • Glass knobs are suitable for luxurious kitchens with a prominent glamorous side. Whether you’re going for an all-white, pristine environment or an insanely sophisticated indoor space based on a black and gold, black and silver or gold and silver combo, glass knobs are those tiny decorative details with an elevated aesthetic value that will ensure a pleasant shimmery effect that you’ll absolutely adore.
  • Painted cabinets give you plenty of freedom of action. When your kitchen is a rainbow of colors, due to its colorful furniture, brick walls and/or vibrant accessories, you can actually afford to install a great variety of hardware elements. Brushed nickel, pewter, chrome and also oil-rubbed bronze represent some of the most popular classic finishes suitable for your custom cabinets.

Match Finishes

Before making a final call, remember that all the accessories that you choose should complement your cabinets, instead of creating powerful contrasts. You can combine brass with oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel with chrome; just make sure your embellishments are seen as beautiful matching parts comprised by the same whole, not individual entities.

All in all, when it doubt, note that you can always save time and money by hiring the best kitchen remodel company in your area. If you can’t find the most spectacular idea for your custom kitchen cabinets, let us inspire you. Call us at 1-800 876-0075 and tell us more about what you would like to accomplish, in terms of kitchen remodel work.


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