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Reasons Why You Need A Kitchen Upgrade

6 Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Kitchen and How

Gone are the days when cooking was merely a necessity that you could do in any kind of arrangement and call a kitchen. Today, cooking is more of a passion, an art that needs the right aesthetics, space, and technology. This is why more and more people are now investing in a modern kitchen.

A modern kitchen entails aesthetics and an upgrade in technology, space, and practicality. The first step to modernizing your kitchen is to make it more efficient in space and customize it according to your requirements. Nowadays, the most popular kitchen designs are sleek and minimalistic, with sufficient space for storage and equipment.

Another essential feature of a modern kitchen is technology. Your ideal kitchen should have the latest tools so that you can use your cooking time as efficiently as possible. Your choice of technological equipment should provide maximum output while using minimum energy.

Many people have drastically reduced the size of their equipment to create more space. That is a good idea, especially when you do not need more extensive equipment. Some kitchen equipment that you can alter according to efficiency and cost include refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves.

A change in the size of your microwave may not affect cooking much but will save kitchen space for more equipment or utensils. Similarly, most people have 40 % of their refrigerators empty most of the time. A smaller refrigerator will not only save space but will also save energy.

6 Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the perfect place to gather your family for healthy meals and bonding. If you want to spend quality family time, a beautiful and spacious kitchen will add to your fond memories. However, aesthetics is not the only reason you need to modernize your kitchen.

A modern kitchen reduces unnecessary costs, utilizes space better, and makes your cooking experience more enjoyable. Furthermore, it adds more value to your house and upgrades its resale price.

Let’s examine in detail why the extra cost and effort of modernizing your kitchen is a good idea:

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1.  Efficient Space Utilization

The most crucial reason to modernize your kitchen is to efficiently utilize the space you have. Many traditional kitchens waste their area due to the wrong size, equipment placement, and accessories.

The modern era does not call for large spaces or huge kitchens. Larger areas are hard to afford and manage. Contemporary kitchens should therefore be compact yet comfortable. Modernizing your kitchen space entails converting small kitchens into compact spaces that store all your necessities efficiently. Everything should be easily accessible, and there should be space to move around in the kitchen.

Today, many modern kitchens are U-shaped with spacious countertops for easy accessibility and storage. Whether it is kitchen utensils, ingredients, or condiments, you should place everything so that the person cooking the food can easily reach them.

2.  Quick and Easy Cleaning

In the modern world, people look for ways to minimize their cleaning time to utilize it elsewhere. A modern kitchen allows easy and quick cleaning after meal preparation and eating.

If you have a large family and everyone likes to eat different meals at different times, cleaning up can be a huge problem. So is the case with families who frequently entertain guests at home. A modern kitchen should allow clutter-free cleaning after hefty meal preparations.

Therefore, you should build your modern kitchen using a space-efficient design with slidable shelves and cabinets that you can contain within your kitchen. This makes taking out and keeping back accessories simpler, quicker, and more organized.

3.  Cost-Effective

The modern kitchen is economical to install and involves minimal running costs. This involves using kitchenware with a high-quality finish that is easy to maintain. High-quality kitchen furniture has low maintenance costs and less chance of replacement.

The equipment in a modern kitchen is space-effective and constructed to consume less energy. They are built to save water and electricity without compromising on functionality.

4.  Customization

You can customize the modern kitchen according to your space and taste. One of the best things about renovating or rebuilding your kitchen is that you can build it according to your choice.

With the rise in the concept of modernized kitchens, a wide choice of space-effective designs is available in the market. You can opt for a plan that meets your style standards and is practical at the same time. Moreover, you can seek the help of an expert to make a kitchen that best utilizes your kitchen space.

5.  Aesthetics Matter

Practically, cost-effectiveness and space utilization of your kitchen is essential, but so is its aesthetics. You and your family spend a significant part of your day in the kitchen, and for most families, it is the place to share, relax, and entertain guests. It is therefore crucial for the site to be aesthetically appealing.

A change in the outlook of your kitchen is a good enough reason to renovate or modernize it. A beautiful kitchen can uplift the interior of your house and add more value to it.

Many people customize the interiors of their kitchen to enhance the aesthetics of their house. You can go for colors and design themes that match the design that you have used in your home interiors.

6.  Add Value to Your House

Realtors claim that buyers of new houses pay better for homes with new kitchens. A kitchen upgrade adds more value to your house. If you are looking to sell your house now or in the near future, a well-built modern kitchen will increase the price of your home and help you get a better deal.

How To Upgrade Your Kitchen

How to upgrade a kitchenUpgrading your kitchen involves cost and effort. Therefore, it is not something that you can do every day. So make sure that your new kitchen design is contemporary, appealing, cost-effective, and efficient.

It should have the right combination of cabinets, drawers, cupboards, shelves, and the required type and size of technological equipment. You can systematically organize all the hardware and accessories to allow maximum space utilization, comfort, and accessibility.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind while designing your modern kitchen:


The geometrical shape of a kitchen affects its overall design and effectiveness. The body should allow appropriate placement of your hardware and equipment and space to move around freely.

While many households still opt for U-shaped kitchens, straight lines have lately become a favorite modern kitchen design. You can plan the design with open shelving, symmetrical shapes, and nonparallel lines. The straight line makes the kitchen look neater, smoother, and more polished.

Many people like to add curves towards the end of the kitchen, in the form of water benches, leveled closer to the ground.


Your choice of materials for your upgraded kitchen plays a significant part in differentiating your kitchen from older kitchen designs. There is a wide array of options among the material you can choose for in your modern kitchen. Examples include concrete, stone, stainless steel, glass, chrome, acrylic, etc. The variety allows you more options for styling, design, cost, and durability.

You can choose anyone or mix a few materials for your kitchen. The best material for your kitchen allows you to create a durable, cost-effective design and enable you to make a style statement of your choice.


An important reason why many people renovate their kitchen is to maximize space. You can redesign even the smallest of kitchens to utilize space effectively. You should design your modern kitchen so that it exaggerates the existing space.

If your kitchen looks too small, it is good to have a mirrored wall. This will make your kitchen look more prominent than its size. Clean, uncluttered countertops and neat layouts also help make the kitchen look more spacious. Storage areas can be hidden below shelves and kitchen islands, with sliding shelves for additional storage. You can easily conceal the appliances in the inbuilt kitchen wall cabinets into the kitchen walls.

Modern Kitchen Must-Haves

There are certain things that you must keep in mind while upgrading your kitchen:

Slab Door Style

Slab cabinet doors, also known as flat panel doors, are used in many new modern kitchen designs. It features a flat door with no angles. The timeless design of the slab door never goes out of fashion, making your kitchen design timeless and unique. Another feature that we love about the slab doors is that they have no ornaments, making them easy to clean.

Frameless Cabinets

A full overlay frameless cabinet construction is another popular cabinet design used in many modern kitchens. The outstanding feature of the cabinet is that the door overlays the cabinet box. This style gives your kitchen a sleek look and enhances your kitchen aesthetics. Frameless cabinets make the kitchen look modern, elegant, light, and spacious.

Simple Hardware

The modern kitchen hardware is sleek yet simple. A modern kitchen design consists of C channel hardware with tubular and linear pulls. Some people use hardware running through the entire length of the cabinets or drawers. All this adds to the beauty and practicality of the kitchen while keeping it as simple as possible.

Natural Inspiration

Modern kitchen designs rely heavily on minimalism and nature. The wood used has little or no ornamentation to bring out the materials’ natural designs. For example, you can highlight the rift cuts in woodwork by the horizontal grains of oak. When you use marble for countertops and kitchen islands, just a little polish may highlight the designs of veining marble.

Straight Lines

Most modern kitchens are featured straight lines, with greater emphasis on horizontal lines. You can place the drawers, cabinets, and hardware in a flat pattern, making the kitchen look large and clean.  This will help you accentuate the cabinet and drawer lines and make them look sleeker. Many kitchen experts suggest adding a horizontal-shaped floating panel at the back wall to add more value to the theme.

Consistent Accessories

Whether it is lighting, chairs, bar stools, or tables, accessories play a significant role in uplifting your kitchen ambiance. Like everything else, modern kitchen accessories are also simple and sleek, with minimal ornamentation and a greater emphasis on consistency.

Wrapping It Up

If you are looking for a kitchen that is efficient and attractive, a kitchen upgrade is a must. It is a one-time expense that helps save time, energy, and cost incurred in running older kitchens.

A kitchen upgrade in today’s era focuses on a contemporary, long-lasting, and sleek look. The focus is on making it as minimalistic as possible. Experts advise developing a kitchen that lasts longer in terms of durability, sustainability, and design.

The kitchens are part of a less is more philosophy that features lesser ornamentation or decorations. The focus is on preventing clutter when chairs or stools are mostly fixed and simple, while the shelves, cabinets, and drawers are built inside walls to save space. The kitchen appliances and equipment are neatly placed within these inbuilt cabinets to remain out of the way. Clear passages are more in trend rather than floors covered with accessories.

Are you already dreaming about your perfect kitchen? Look no further, because we have got the ideal design for you. Visit our website or contact us to plan a kitchen upgrade.

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