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Kitchen Renovation

Things You Need to Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen

A kitchen is more than just a place to cook and eat meals. It is a place to relax and unwind with your family over shared meals. Therefore, your kitchen is a source of comfort, togetherness, and a place to entertain your favorite people.

A modern kitchen should be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and spacious. It should have the right layout, colors, textures, and placement of appliances. If your kitchen does not have one or more of these qualities, it is time to upgrade your kitchen.

Remodeling your kitchen can be a challenging task, especially if you are doing it for the first time. The biggest challenge is the order in which you should start the renovation. It takes time, effort, and money to get the kitchen of your dreams. Before you start kitchen remodeling, thorough planning can give direction and purpose to your kitchen remodel.

We have shared below some ideas that will guide you through the remodeling process,

Your Goal

The right aesthetics is not the only thing you need to know when renovating your kitchen. Before starting the  renovation process, it is essential to know why you are renovating it. The renovation goal will give direction and purpose to your kitchen remodeling process.

There are many reasons why people renovate their kitchens. Some people renovate their kitchen for increased functionality, and others do it for increased efficiency, better utilization of space, or give a modern look to their outdated kitchen. Once you know your end goal, you can direct your remodeling process towards achieving it.

Your Budget

Fix a Budget

Once you know the goals of your kitchen remodel and the direction you will follow, it’s time to fix a budget. Not making a budget can lead to huge errors and unnecessary expenditures that may discontinue your renovation before it is complete. Fix a budget to ensure that you are not spending too much of your savings or income on the remodel. Set an amount aside based on how much you can afford, and keep a certain percentage of the budget increases.

Your kitchen remodeling budget depends on your affordability and the nature of the job you are getting done. A complete restructure requires more budget than changing the colors and lighting. You need to set a budget of how much you can afford to spend on your kitchen remodel.

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Arrange the Finances

Once you know how much you need to spend, it’s time to arrange the finances. Kitchen renovation is expensive, so knowing how much you can afford is essential. You may need to take a home equity loan or take out a substantial percentage of your savings. It is good to speak to your financial advisor about your renovation plans for guidance on how much to spend and how to arrange it.

Make Your Remodel Worth the Expenditure

Now that you have decided to spend a considerable part of your money on your kitchen make sure it is worth it. Remember that it will not be possible to remodel your kitchen again for some time, so the new kitchen should last you several years. This means investing in contemporary designs and quality appliances.

Fix a Time

Fixing a time frame is just as important as fixing a budget. The time spent renovating your kitchen should correspond to the time you can spend in a temporary kitchen and the amount of work you are getting done. Most kitchen renovations take around 4- 8 weeks to complete. Fix a time that suits you, and make sure you schedule your tasks according to the time. Divide your work so that it is completed within your predetermined time.

Consider Hiring a Professional

Renovating your kitchen without professional help is an economical approach to kitchen remodeling; however, it has its share of risks. Therefore, it is good to hire professional help if you can afford it.

If you decide to remodel your kitchen yourself, map out everything you need to do before starting the renovation. You can do the layout, color theme, and purchase and placement of appliances. You can hire a designer or contractor for the more challenging tasks. For example, if you plan on changing the plumbing, gas lining, or electric fittings, it is best to leave it to people who have expertise in the field.

You can hire an interior designer or kitchen expert if you have a bespoke kitchen design budget. A bespoke kitchen will make your kitchen look unique and match your style. A professional designer will ensure that your kitchen is functional, sleek, and spacious.

Check the Plumbing Systems

Kitchen renovation is an excellent time to check and update your kitchen plumbing. See if the pipes are old or not functioning right. Make changes or replace them according to your requirements.

Another plumbing concern that you may want to keep in mind is the placement of your remodeled kitchen appliances and equipment. A change in the structure or replacement of the kitchen requires plumbing to be redone or moved to the required places.

Check Your Storage

Another important factor to consider before planning your dream kitchen is your storage requirements compared to your space. This will affect your decisions about buying new equipment and appliances for your kitchen. The best way to increase your storage is to buy equipment and appliances that are smaller in size but serve your purpose. This will help give you more space in the kitchen. Do not buy kitchen things you do not need, as this may compromise your space.

If you have a big family, you can increase storage space in your existing kitchen by adding more inbuilt cabinets instead of standing cabinets. You can add a kitchen island with drawers and cabinets to store extra things.

Choose Your Color

The correct color for your kitchen is as essential as your kitchen’s design and storage capacity. The suitable color matches the color theme of the rest of your house. It makes your kitchen look cooler and bigger and makes the family feel comfortable.

Neutral colors are in fashion. Light-colored kitchens look bigger, cleaner, and brighter than dark tones.

Choose your Kitchen Material

There is a wide variety of materials available for modern kitchens. You can choose your favorite according to color, texture, cost, and durability. It is good to mix two or three materials in your kitchen layout—for example, woodwork for cabinets, granite or marble for counters. If you have a limited budget, you can use sophisticated wooden surfaces that look good and are easy to maintain.

Use the maximum space

One of the most important things you need to keep while renovating your kitchen is utilizing maximum space. This can be done by minimizing your appliances, choosing smaller appliances, and increasing inbuilt storage space.

Choose Your Appliances

Most people do not change their utensils and appliances when renovating their kitchen. An appliance change is expensive and adds significantly to your kitchen remodel budget. So it is best to change appliances only when you really need to.

If you do plan to change your appliances, make sure that they are durable, save costs, and are efficient in size. High-quality appliances last longer and do not need to be replaced or maintained regularly. There are many cost and energy-saving appliances available on the market. The size of your appliances can make your kitchen look bigger or smaller. So make sure not to buy bigger appliances than you really need. Another thing that you must keep in mind while buying your kitchen appliance is its resale value. Good quality appliances have higher resale value than low-quality ones.

The amount you spend on your kitchen appliances depends on your budget and your requirements. We recommend spending 20 % of your kitchen budget on kitchen

Choose your Lighting

Good lighting is the key to a successful kitchen model. It is best to get a mix of bright task lights and normal lighting in your kitchen. You can get task lights fixed over counters, where you need to do the cooking and cutting. The other areas can have normal lights. Make sure that your kitchen is well illuminated to look spacious and cleaner.

A Functional Layout

One of the most important aspects of a successful kitchen is its layout. What good is a kitchen if it is not comfortable enough? Make sure your kitchen is spacious so that it has walking space for all family members. The appliances and all kitchen accessories should be placed within reach. The storage should be sufficient to stack all your things so that there is minimal clutter. Additional hardware and appliances should only be installed if they do not take up space in the kitchen.

What To Avoid While Kitchen Remodeling

While planning your kitchen remodel, make sure you do note the following:

Underestimating Your Budget

The wrong budget can lead to lesser funds available for your remodel. If you run out of funds during your renovation, you may have to discontinue it, losing time and effort.

Develop your budget after thorough market research, keeping in mind your requirements. Make sure to put at least 15 to 20 % aside in case your budget increases.

Choosing Appliances After Installing Cabinets

One of the greatest mistakes you can make while remodeling your kitchen is to choose your appliances after fixing the cabinets. The correct order is to buy your appliances according to your kitchen size requirements, measure them and then build your cabinets. Proper measurements allow a neat kitchen layout and allow space to keep your appliances.

Installing Cabinets Before Flooring

The order in which you install your kitchen is very important for a successful kitchen remodel. Cabinets should always be installed after the kitchen floors. If the cabinets are installed before the following, you will not be able to reduce or increase the floor size, which may affect your kitchen’s overall look and layout.

Installing the Wrong Flooring

The wood selection for your kitchen floor is essential for a quality kitchen remodel. The wood should be able to withstand damage and should be durable.

Choose a wood that has high-quality finishing. Quality wood includes prefinished sealed hardwood, wood with a textured finish, or reclaimed wood.

Forgetting the Kitchen Triangle

A kitchen remodel is not successful unless the kitchen triangle is maintained. The essential appliances should not be placed too far away from each other. An ideal kitchen model has a triangle between the stove, sink, and refrigerator. This makes the three kitchen appliances just a few feet away from each other, making your kitchen functional and efficient.

Cheap or Wrong Wiring

Installing improper wiring is a safety mistake that many people make while remodeling their kitchen. The wrong wiring can lead to injuries and electrical fire. Consult an expert for advice on appropriate wiring in your kitchen and the correct outlets and breakers.

Wrapping it Up

Looking for the perfect kitchen? All you need to do is set some ground rules and plan! Planning will ensure that your kitchen renovation, materials used, and budget stay within your control.

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