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Avoid Using These Colors In Your Kitchen

Whether you are designing a new kitchen or giving your current kitchen a makeover, you need to be aware of color choices that may not be suitable for this space.

Some colors will make a room feel dreary and others are just bland or washed out. You may also find that certain colors are too bold for the kitchen but may look better in another room.

This is not to say that particular shades should not be used at all, but consider using them as accent colors instead. You can always add a pop of your favorite color sparingly, resulting in a more appealing look overall.

Let’s take a look at several color selections that you may want to stay away from, if you are thinking about changing the main paint color your kitchen:

White or Eggshell

An article from Zillow reports that all white or eggshell kitchen walls may not be the best choice when selling your home. Although, it is a very popular style on television home makeover shows and magazines, the lack of color can actually have a negative impact on the final selling price of the home.

This does not mean that you cannot incorporate white elements in your kitchen, such as cabinets or counter tops. You can still add the crisp and clean white color, without it overtaking the room.

Slate Gray

There is no doubt that slate gray is a trendy color, but when overly used in the kitchen, it can make the room appear and feel dark and dreary.

Kitchens are more attractive when they feel open and airy. Closing in a space with a very dark color like slate gray, will make the room feel much smaller. It will lack the cheery character that a lighter brighter color, such as dove gray, provides.

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If slate gray is one of your favorite colors, then consider incorporating it into your bottom cabinetry. This will make is stand out, but not overtake the room.

Dark Brown

Similar to slate gray, dark brown is a heavy and more somber color than should be in the kitchen. You don’t want the heart of your home to feel dim and dark. It will also close in the space, detracting from the size of the room.

A better option, would be to choose something in a much lighter earthy shade with yellow undertones. Your kitchen will feel brighter, which actually affects the moods of the people in the home.

This article suggests that yellow kitchens are an excellent choice for a home, due to the uplifting feeling that it provokes.


Of course, you can choose to paint your kitchen any color you like, but if you are selling your home, then you may want to follow the advice mentioned above. Doing so, will give you the best return on the sale of your home.

To simply sum it up, you should avoid using very dark or bold colors and stick to brighter, neutral palette if you are planning to put your house on the market. If you intend to enjoy your home for years to come, then do what makes you happy and repaint before you sell it.

If you need help deciding what would look best in your kitchen, contact an experienced designer to guide you through the process. You will eliminate a lot of stress and you will be exposed to a number of choices that are available to you, that you may not have been previously aware of.

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