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Ultimate Kitchen Decorations – Pumpkins

With summer out, it is time to re-embellish your home with decorations that come with rich textures, deep hues, and different fall elements. If you have been looking forward to sprucing up your kitchen, now is the perfect moment for it. With Halloween around the corner, you may be in the mood for pumpkins.

However, buying pumpkins is one thing; knowing what to do with them is another matter. The good news is that we have a few ideas that will inspire you to redecorate the kitchen with your orange squash:

Fall Pumpkin Lanterns

For this DIY project to work out, you need a few lamps that you can buy at your local retail store. Once those are ready with the pumpkins, you can create a kitchen display full of gourds and lights. Grab two or more of your lanterns and paint them. White can work for any season, but you can also go for darker hues.

Then, you can fill the lanterns with fall colors featuring the pumpkins inside them along with browns and some greens.

Super Simple Kitchen Décor

Here’s a really simple decoration for your kitchen that works. You only need to use a few household items, rearrange them, and you are done. If you have some colorful throws that you use during winter and fall to cover up at a bonfire or while you watch TV, you can try this easy fall décor. Put one of them on a chair and place a pumpkin on top.

It is best if you choose a cover with a color that represents fall, such as a combination of browns, oranges, and whites. Finally, add dried corn husks and position it at the side of the chair to complete the look.

White Pumpkin Ornaments

Your fall kitchen ornaments that feature pumpkins do not have to be orange. You can also use white pumpkins or any color you want. You have plenty of choices here, and the following can help get those ideas flowing:

  • Have a shabby décor featuring white pumpkins and some leaves that you can place on your counter. Place a handwritten quote next to it, and you have a super simple display.
  • Have a few candleholders showcasing your white pumpkins. At the center, place a glittering gourd as the main attraction.
  • If you have a wooden tray, rest your pumpkins on it and surround them with greenery. The completed decoration can be effective as your next centerpiece. As an alternative, you can use a wooden bowl instead of the tray. It is like having a bowl of fruit, but this time, you merely have white pumpkins (or a combination of white and orange).

With the styles above, your kitchen will truly look like it is ready for the fall season.

Kitchen Design Center

Coffee Bar with Pumpkins Around

For this to work, you will need a simple stand that will accommodate your orange and white pumpkins. Add some faux gourds if you want – the design has no boundaries. Place your coffee mugs, dishes, and other pieces for display. Make sure though that you choose items that represent fall, which means colors that you can see during this season. Orange, white, green, and even a few blues here and there will give you a perfect combination.

Decorate Your Island

If your island gives you plenty of space for fall decorating, this one is for you. Have about two galvanized buckets and fill them with white Chrysanthemums. You can add asparagus fern, which looks great together with the “mums”. Of course, do not forget the pumpkins. White pumpkins work best here, but you can always use orange ones. Have a tray where you can rest the buckets, and you can stuff it with lots of pumpkins and other long and slender items.

Monogram Your Pumpkin

A fascinating design for your kitchen is to add a monogram to an enormous pumpkin you have. Typically, white pumpkins are great for this task because they can help highlight the monogram. However, with the right colors and materials, you can use orange ones and make them work.

If you cannot find white pumpkins, but you already have some orange ones ready, you can always paint them. Use hot glue to attach some sticks, keys, or anything that you find suitable for this project. If you are in the mood for a much more complicated design, you can carve a spider web on the pumpkin and add the monogram.

Decorating your kitchen using pumpkins is all about playing with textures and colors. The beauty of this design project is that you do not have plenty of colors to use so you can never go wrong.

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