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Bathroom Remodel 101: Ways to Make Your Room Seem More Spacious and Inviting  

Bright space - tapWe all know that bathroom and kitchens can make or break a home sale. Nonetheless, assuming that you have already found the house of your dreams at an indecently low asking price, should you ignore this once-in-a-lifetime offer simply because the property comes with a ridiculously small bathroom? Truth be told, we all love the idea of enjoying a long bubble bath after a long, tiresome day spent at the office. And yes, we do want to relax and make the most of the ultimate spa experience in a big room resembling our favorite wellness center. So how could you upgrade your box-like bathroom to boost its appeal and make it seem more spacious? Here are a few useful ideas that could guide your bathroom remodel project in the right direction.

  1. Avoid Powerful Contrasts. Contrasts are lovely and can add character to any indoor space. However, a small room will inevitably limit your options when it comes to exploring a more generous color palette. Don’t try to mix dark flooring with light tiles and/or color paint and stick to similar shades that make your bathroom seem bigger, brighter and more welcoming. If you want to break the pattern and add a touch of color to your environment, feel free to install a contrasting lighting fixture or a modern low custom made cabinet in a more vibrant shade.
  2. Use Clear Glass and Gigantic Mirrors to Create the Illusion of Cleanliness and Extra Space. Textured glass installed in your shower will give the impression that you have an additional wall in your room. On the other hand, clear glass gives you less privacy but ensures more light and also makes the entire bathroom seem a bit more sophisticated and much larger than it really is. Following the same design concept, a giant mirror reaching the ceiling is a superb addition allowing you to boost the spaciousness of your environment. Don’t install double ones on top of your sinks; this type of symmetry could only chop up your space.
  3. Install WallMounted Cabinets. Next, focus on fantastic furniture pieces that go extremely well with the overall style of your room and do not require too much space. Classy wooden or stainless steel wall-mounted cabinets are the perfect choice in this case. To maximize their storage capacity, you can just add a few niches designed to hold your cosmetic products or any other kind of bathroom supplies that you may want to showcase.

In some cases, you may need more than a few mirrors, glass panels and custom cabinet design ideas to give a new meaning to an old, dull and tiny bathroom. In this case, let a team of experts come up with the most ingenious and exciting bathroom remodel suggestions that will fit your space to a tee. For the best guidance that you could ask for in this field, just count on the professional redesign services provided by Modern Kitchen.

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