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7 Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces

Just because you are limited in space, doesn’t mean you have to be limited to an average bathroom.

An ample amount of storage is still possible by incorporating a few simple ideas. You can also make the room have a larger appearance by choosing the correct colors and materials.

Let’s take a look at how to design your small bathroom to be both functional and beautiful:

1. Bathroom Walls

You could actually take this from one extreme to the other. If you like a bright and airy look, then painting the walls pure white or another very light color will open up the room and make it appear larger than it is.

On the other hand, HGTV suggests incorporating a little texture by adding bold patterned wallpaper. This will create depth and dimension to the space. The choice is up to your personal taste.

2. Make A Statement

Since there is not a lot of area, why not really make a statement by choosing items that really stand out and catch the eye?

An ornate, antique style vanity or a vintage claw foot tub can be the focus of the room and give it a rich and regal ambiance.

3. Storage Solutions

One of the main concerns of having a small bathroom is the lack of storage.

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Built in shelves won’t take up precious floor space, but will give you a place to store extra towels and other necessities that you want to be on hand.

Baskets are a classy way to organize your personal products and hair supplies, yet keep the space neat and orderly.

4. Add A Pop Of Color

A pop of color can be added to your bathroom by painting an accent wall in your favorite tone.

You may also want to incorporate hand towels or a rug in your color scheme. If you have a window in the room, you can pull the look together with coordinating window treatments.

Hang a bold framed print on the wall or paint the frame of your vanity mirror the color of your choice, for a different approach.

5. Glass And Mirrors

If it is within your budget, consider adding glass shower doors to your bathroom. They will visually open up the space and make it appear much larger than if a traditional shower curtain is used.

A very large mirror will also give the perception of a bigger and more spacious room. If wall space is limited, opt for a mirror over other wall décor.

6. Go Big On The Details

You don’t want to go big in size for your sink or tub, but go big on the extra details.

Things like a rain forest shower head and beautiful large tile can give your bathroom the feel of a sanctuary. Additionally, ornate or trendy sink fixtures will turn an ordinary basin into a stylish focal point of the room.

7. Replace You Old Vanity

A bulky, old vanity will take up a lot of room and cramp small spaces. Consider installing a floating vanity to make the room look more open. You will be able to see more of the floor and still have storage under the sink.

Another option is to replace your old vanity with a pedestal sink. You will lose the storage beneath it, but if you plan the rest of the room appropriately, you will be able to find another place to keep those items.


By taking the above points into consideration, you can see how simple it is to turn a tiny bathroom into a comfortable, functional and stunning part of your home.

It is always recommended to consult with a professional designer who is able to inform you of all of the options available within your budget. They will also be able to suggest elements you may not be aware of that can change the entire look of the space.

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