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Bathroom Remodel Made Easy: 3 Clever Storage Options That You Need to Test Right Away

Man looking catalog at bath storeYour bathroom is your personal temple of relaxation. Here you can afford the luxury of enjoying a long bubble bath, testing the newest spa treatments and relieving the stress and tension that you always experience after a long day spent at the office. To complete this pretty picture, you need a whole bunch of bathroom supplies, including tons of cosmetics, hair masks, exfoliating products, scented candles, soft cotton towels, bathrobes and so on. Where do you keep all these essential belongings? Everywhere! This is actually the core of your problem: you are tired of seeing all these items scattered all around the floor. The plethora of unorganized stuff makes your space look cluttered and chaotic. Fortunately, you can eliminate this drawback by implementing the simplest bathroom remodel principles focused on practical and inexpensive storage ideas.

  1. Freestanding Storage. If you are a free spirit and a creative mind by excellence, consider opting for cost-effective, freestanding storage. The more permanent options could bore you to death in the long term and force you to invest quite a bit of cash in replacements. Luckily, freestanding storage options are quite accessible and easy on the eye. For instance, you could deposit all your small bathroom supplies in baskets placed on a ladder painted in a vivid color that complements the shade of your walls.
  2. Vanity Niches. Want to redesign your bathroom to help it gain a more classical vibe? In this case, choose to recreate the main particularities of the traditional Old-World style by incorporating a large vanity equipped with oversized drawers that could easily hold all your everyday essentials, including neatly folded towels, your favorite body lotions, candles and even your bathrobes. A gigantic vanity mirror could be beautifully flanked by two wooden deep niches that make sense in a minimalist, Old-World bathroom.
  3. A Custom-Made Wall Cabinet. Wall cabinets are great for a number of reasons. First of all, they boost the practicality of your indoor space in a seamless manner. They have a minimal impact on your décor and don’t occupy a lot of space. Secondly, they can put your most stunning adornments on full display, enhancing the appeal of the entire room. Ideal for small bathrooms, wall-mounted custom cabinets enable you to make use of every single inch of available space. Different compartments can be added to ensure a better organization. Moreover, handmade pieces painted in bright colors allow you to add a personal touch to your bathroom and make it seem less ordinary and much more inviting.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you shouldn’t have a hard time trying to spot and implement the most convenient storage ideas matching your creative vision. If you can’t seem to find the right source of inspiration for this project, just contact our bathroom remodel experts and let them redesign your indoor space to your complete satisfaction.


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