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Stunning Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Could Work for You

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The idea of upgrading a bathroom using sleek glass cabinets, lots of mirrors and powerful contrasts may appeal to most young adults who share their passion for clean, minimalist, yet extremely seductive indoor spaces. However, when you have kids or you make a first step towards growing your own family, your priorities change. Is the extensive use of glass such a good idea after all? Most parents will be inclined to say no. This brings us to the next issue: Can you mask or eliminate those sharp edges and turn your bathroom into a safer, more welcoming space for all your family members? Sure you can. Here are a few guidelines that you should review before starting the bathroom remodel project.

Opt for a Fun Décor. OK, so maybe not all parents like the idea of creating a themed bathroom. If cartoon characters and rainbows of color are certainly not your cup of tea, choose to brighten up your space by adding a few wow factors that will be appreciated by kids of all ages. A retro all-white embellished towel rack adapted to the height of your youngsters, a shower curtain with polka dots, an ornate mirror with a golden or silvery frame and a set of white bathroom cabinets with matching metallic hardware will do the trick for you, allowing you to combine elegant pieces with fun and youthful details that won’t pass unnoticed.

Pastels All the Way. Want to redesign your bathroom and turn it into a fantastic environment that both you and your daughter would enjoy on a daily basis? Mediterranean style bathrooms are all about simple lines and tasteful color palettes. You simply can’t go wrong with white tiles, baby blue walls and girly vintage bathroom cabinets painted in the loveliest shade of dusted pink. Add a set of glass knobs to your custom cabinets and you will come up with a true masterpiece that will reflect your amazing sense of style and creativity.

Add Wall Art, Clever Storage Options and Educational Messages. When you have kids, you have to spend a lot of time cleaning, storing and organizing stuff. Why not make your entire life a whole lot easier by teaching your kids how to pick up after themselves? You don’t have to start a chores war to achieve this goal. You would just have to use peg boards, hooks and wire baskets to create the perfect storage unit for your children, where your youngsters could deposit their favorite toys and personal care essentials. Last but not least, don’t forget to invest in kid-friendly wall art. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hang doodles on your walls. You could always opt for beach-inspired decorations that are received with great enthusiasm by both kids and grownups. Also, educational messages printed on cute boards may very well serve as reminders allowing your youngest family members to perfect their daily hygiene routine.

When it comes to redecorating your indoor space, everything becomes so much easier when you listen to what real pros in this field have to say to you. In case you feel inspired and ready to invest in a bathroom remodel process, let the specialists from Modern Kitchen guide you in the right direction, towards a stunningly beautiful room that will make sense to all your loved ones.

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