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5 Cheap and Easy Bathroom Remodel Hacks That You Should Try Today  

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You’ve always wanted to improve the look and feel of your outdated bathroom. But at the same time, you are involved in countless projects that have already consumed a significant amount of your resources; plus you feel like you deserve that luxurious 10-days vacation abroad and your two sons will soon have to go to college. So how can you support all these goals without going bankrupt? With just a little bit of creativity, technical know-how and the expert guidance of a professional interior designer specialized in bathroom remodel work, you can bring your indoor space back to life. While we can’t help you with the rest of your grand ambitions, we can offer you three simple and inexpensive remodel suggestions that work for any kind of bathroom.

Invest in Coordinated Accents. Can’t get enough of silvery or golden tones? Explore this passion to balance the color scheme of your bathroom. For instance, you could upgrade your old bathroom cabinet by adding a subtle silver frame. The silvery tone will match your decorative metallic outlet covers, as well as your mirror and bathroom fixtures.

Repaint Your Walls and Floors. Most problems associated with the dull look of your bathroom can be solved by simply repainting your walls and wooden floor. You can brush those old floors with a high-shine porch paint matching the color palette of your indoor space. Who would have thought that such a simple step could provide such amazing aesthetic benefits?

Create Your Signature Wallpaper. Can you actually apply wallpaper on the walls of your bathroom? Sure, why not? You can even step up your game by crafting your own materials. Just cut the pages of your favorite vintage magazines and glue them to the surface that you want to cover using quality wallpaper paste. To make sure that your masterpiece stands the test of time, don’t forget to seal the colorful collage using a transparent top coat. If you count on a little bit more money that can be directed towards your bathroom remodel project, don’t hesitate to spend it on custom bathroom cabinets with a retro vibe, available in delicate pastel colors. These new arrivals will complement your magazine clippings wallpaper and give a new look and feel to your bathroom without making you break the bank to witness this series of improvements.

Create a Sunny Space by Relying on Simplicity. Some of the most beautiful changes are the least complicated ones. Repaint your walls to match the color of your flooring and opt for bathroom cabinets that come in neutral colors. Subtle tones of white, champagne or ivory will create the illusion of extra space and faultless cleanliness.

Frames Let You Personalize Your Indoor Space. Don’t know how to individualize your bathroom and boost its aesthetic value? Here’s a simple tip that may work in your case: buy and install vintage photo frames available in the lightest colors. Make sure that their hues match the ones displayed by your custom cabinets. You can use some of these frames to store and showcase your favorite photos. As a final touch, don’t forget to get a matching frame for your bathroom mirror. These delicate details will turn your space into a much more feminine environment reflecting your great taste and attention to detail.

In case you need a little bit more counseling to achieve the desirable results, just give us a call. At Modern Kitchen, we work around the clock to turn old, boring kitchens and bathrooms into livable masterpieces.


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