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Bathroom Remodel Guide: Types of Sinks and Vanities That Could Be Right for Your Home

Double bathroom
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Your bathroom is no ordinary room. This is the place where you like to enjoy a long, relaxing bubble path, get a spa-like treatment, do your mani and pedi, listen to good music and read your favorite magazines. Since this indoor space plays such an important part in your life, you are contemplating the idea of upgrading it. Perhaps you should start by investing a little bit of cash in one-of-a-kind custom cabinetsmade from durable materials that can withstand high levels of humidity.

Maybe you’d like to get a bigger bathtub with more features and an interesting shape. You could also decide to repaint the walls to recreate a warmer and more pleasant ambiance. But if you were to implement a basic series of changes that reflect both your creative vision, demand for comfort and pampering and practical purposes, you would probably choose to upgrade your sink and/or vanity. Sinks and vanities represent the central piece of modern bathrooms; therefore, by changing these elements you could give out the impression that you’ve redesigned your bathroom from scratch. Wondering which types of sinks/vanities would work best for your project? Here are a few popular choices that you may appreciate.

Vanity Cabinets. Looking for some extra storage space and a classy vanity at the same time? Well, in this case you should know that vanity cabinets would be a great option for your bathroom remodel project. Practical, elegant and versatile, these furniture pieces can be customized using various materials, hardware and additional design elements. For instance, a small-scale vanity in satin white with black or golden iron vintage hardware is a classy solution for a tiny bathroom in need of an extra touch of femininity and luxury.

Wall-Mounted Sinks. Don’t have much wiggle room in your house? If the answer is yes, then you could definitely choose to save some space by installing a wall-mounted sink. The main drawback of this design is its limited durability. Also, this type of sinks is usually more vulnerable to mild impacts.

Vessel Sink and Vanity. Want to redefine your standards in terms of interior design and stick to a clean, minimalist style that would always be a safe bet? In this case, start looking for vessel sinks and vanities available in the colors, shapes and sizes that match the particularities of your environment. Rectangular and round white China vessel sinks are simple and sophisticated at the same time; nonetheless if you’re planning on achieving a certain level of contrast between your ivory walls and the rest of the room you could very well select a wooden vanity with carved embellishments and a matching vessel sink available in the most appealing copper mosaic. For the truly bold ones, the copper miners’ vessel sink represents an unconventional alternative worth exploring.

These are only a few of the most popular vanity and sink options that you could factor in. If you feel ready to start your bathroom remodel project, just give us a call and let us turn what you have in mind into a tangible part of your environment.

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