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The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Kitchen

If you are planning a kitchen, there are certain guidelines and options to consider.

Efficiency is always a key factor. Placement of your work triangle, as well as adequate lighting are important in the finished design. This will provide the most practical use of your kitchen.

You also need to take into consideration the overall lifestyle of your family and who will be using the kitchen and when. Have you thought of color scheme for the walls, flooring and backsplash?

The culmination of each of these options will create a cohesive and productive kitchen that your family and friends will love.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these topics in detail:

Work Triangle

This article reveals that the work triangle theory has been in place since the early twentieth century.

The basic concept is that the three main areas of the kitchen are arranged in a triangle shape. The stove, refrigerator and sink are the primary preparation areas, therefore, keeping them within four to nine feet of each other is ideal.

The total sum of each of the three angles should be no less than 13 feet and no more than 26 feet. This formula will keep the areas of the kitchen in proportion, without being too close together or too far apart.

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Ample lighting is very important in a kitchen. Utilizing the natural light from windows or sliding doors is the most attractive form of lighting. Consider the size and number of windows in your kitchen. You may determine that you need to incorporate larger windows, or possibly add a window or two to brighten things up.

You also need to consider your lighting options for when the sun goes down. Can lights around the perimeter of the kitchen or over work areas are excellent ways to provide light. Since they are in the ceiling, they don’t distract the eye from the rest of the kitchen. Instead, they highlight the specific areas you choose.

Decorative lighting is another option you should think about. If you have an eat in kitchen, what type of chandelier do you want over the table? If you have a peninsula, breakfast bar or island, you may choose to add pendant lights over the top. There are many lighting options available to choose from, depending on your style and budget.


Your family’s lifestyle should definitely be taken into consideration when planning a kitchen.

Ask yourself these questions: Will there be more than one person cooking at a time? How may people are in the family? Do you plan on using the kitchen for entertaining?

If there will be more than one person prepping meals at the same time, then there needs to be ample space to move around without running into one another. Plentiful counter space is also a good idea.

If you have a large family or plan on entertaining, then extra seating will help accommodate everyone. Adding a peninsula or island with bar stools will provide more seating when needed.

Color Scheme

Take time to plan the flooring, cabinets, countertops, wall and backsplash colors. Do you want to go with a trendy, popular style? Do you prefer a classic and timeless look for your kitchen?

Gather samples and look at them in natural lighting to make sure they all coordinate.


By implementing the above points mentioned above, when planning a kitchen, you are sure to design the space of your dreams.

It is always a good idea to get a professional opinion from an experienced designer. They may have ideas or solutions to any issues you may have not thought of.

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