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Dirty Kitchen

What is a Dirty Kitchen and Why You Need One in Your House

A kitchen is undoubtedly the center of any home and is the one place that needs to be completely functional before you can move in. your day begins and ends with the kitchen whether you are fully cooking in it or not. It is important to build the kitchen with care and attention to detail, as a kitchen is not a room that you can change or renovate often. Building a kitchen is not cheap; therefore, it is best to do your research thoroughly and not make hasty decisions.

What Is A Dirty Kitchen?

A dirty kitchen, unlike its name, is not a literal dirty kitchen. However, it is given the name because this is where most of the main and heavy-duty cooking takes place. Most kitchens do not always look sparkly clean as they may in magazines, and neither do they always smell like cinnamon cookies.

Real-life kitchens have dirty dishes piled up in sinks, grease spills on the counters, sticky cabinet handles, and coffee stains on floors. Especially if you have a large family, you feel as though your kitchen is just never tidy or clean enough. A kitchen is the heart and soul of your home and is used at least three times a day for meals. If you are a family with kids, there are snacks between meals as well, making the kitchen the busiest room in the house. There is no way that it can always look brand new.

For this reason, the concept of a dirty kitchen came about. A dirty kitchen is an additional one attached to your main kitchen and a smaller version of the main kitchen. Depending on the size of your home and the size of your family, you can make it as big as you prefer.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Dirty Kitchen?

Here are some advantages of having a dirty kitchen:

Keeps The Main Luxury Kitchen Clean And Safe

If you have a beautiful kitchen that you built with a lot of love and care, you don’t want to ruin it with your daily cooking. Grease stains, smoke, and spills are a part of daily cooking and can damage the beautiful marble and floors in your kitchen and make it look older and worn out soon. Repairing and renovating the kitchen takes time and money, and having a separate kitchen can solve all those problems. A separate kitchen can be used to do all the main cooking, chopping meat and vegetables, as well as washing the dirty dishes, while your luxury kitchen can be used for entertaining, preparing snacks, baking, and tossing a quick salad or pasta for dinner.

Keeps Smells Away

Not all food in the kitchen always smells good, and it can be quite difficult to control the smell from cooking in an open-style kitchen. The smell of onions, garlic, and certain cuisines can be overpowering and make the entire house smell intense. It is difficult to get rid of the smell of cooking, especially when expecting guests in the house. Having a separate kitchen to do all the cooking is so convenient because you can control the smell, and it doesn’t enter the house’s main area.

Extends The Life Of Your Main Kitchen

Having a dirty kitchen extends the life of your primary luxury kitchen as it protects it from damage and keeps all the mess away. Repairing and maintaining the kitchen costs money and isn’t easy every few months; therefore, it is best to keep the heavy-duty cooking for a separate dirty kitchen rather than using the main kitchen.

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Stress-Free Entertaining

If you love to host and have guests over often, it helps to have a separate kitchen in the house. You don’t have to worry about making a mess in the kitchen, dirty dishes, and cleaning up before guests come over. It keeps the main kitchen clean and smelling fresh, and you can easily have your guests use your luxury kitchen without worrying about it looking dirty or smelling bad. Hosting a party takes a lot of work and can make the kitchen messy and dirty. If you have to go and get ready, then you don’t waste time cleaning and can go and get ready in the meantime.

Allows You To Cook Freely

If you have a big family with kids who have to study to do at home or homework, a spouse who is working from home, or friends or family visiting, you do not want to worry about being noisy in the kitchen. Certain appliances, such as food processors, blenders, and pressure cookers, can make noise in the kitchen and disturb the rest of the family. Having a separate kitchen helps because it keeps the noise and the smell away, and you can cook freely without worrying about disturbing anyone else in the house. If you are working from home and cooking simultaneously, you do not want the noise of the kitchen to bother your meetings. The best thing is that you can leave dirty dishes lying in the sink without feeling guilty about them ruining the look of your brand new kitchen. Cooking involves spills and stains that can damage your kitchen and destroy its clean and tidy look. Having a separate kitchen helps to keep all the mess contained without compromising the appearance of the main kitchen.

For Large Parties

If you are fond of entertaining and frequently have guests over, then having two kitchens helps to organize everything really well. The dirty kitchen can be used for cooking the main courses and washing the meat and the vegetables while the main and cleaner kitchen can be used for other things. It can be used for making dessert, baking, tossing a salad, making a dressing, dishing out all your food and even preparing pasta. It gives you more space and helps keep everything organized.

Ideas For A Dirty Kitchen

A dirty kitchen is essentially a smaller version of your primary kitchen but is where you do all the heavy-duty work that is required in a kitchen. You can keep the following items in your dirty kitchen such as:

A Dishwasher

It is better to have your dishwasher in the dirty kitchen to maintain the aesthetics of your main luxury kitchen. You won’t have dirty dishes piling up in the main kitchen area, and you can easily do them all in the dirty kitchen and not worry about putting them away immediately

A Sink

You can have a sink in both your kitchens but it is important to have one in the dirty kitchen where all the larger pots and pans can be washed. The main kitchen sink can be used for rinsing vegetables, straining pasta, or other cleaner tasks.

A Main Refrigerator

You can store meat and leftover food in the refrigerator in the dirty kitchen and use the other to store less smelly foods. Often the smell of leftover food, meats, and certain vegetables can make the fridge smell bad and damage other things kept in it.

Cooking Appliances

Cooking appliances such as food processors, blenders, and choppers, as well as large pots, pans, and grillers can take up a lot of space. You can store all these items in the dirty kitchen to make enough counter space and cabinet space in the main kitchen. The main kitchen can have a coffee machine and other items that make your kitchen look nice and fancy.

Large Dinnerware

There are dinner sets, tea sets, and crockery items that you don’t necessarily need and take up a lot of space. Having two kitchens is a great idea and can enhance storage in your kitchen to accommodate all the things you don’t need daily.

Pots And Pans

Large pots and pans that are used in cooking take up a lot of space and do not look pretty on the counter. It is best to store them in the dirty kitchen since they need to be used more often.

The Final Word

Dirty kitchens are a blessing, especially if you have a big family and you are fond of entertaining guests. Kitchens are the most used rooms in the house, and it is impossible to keep them looking clean and pretty all the time. Having a separate dirty kitchen in the house keeps all the mess in one place, and gets all the cooking done stress-free and with ease while keeping your main luxury kitchen looking clean and organized. Contact us to learn more and setup a design consultation to fit your kitchen dreams!

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