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 Bathroom Remodel Guide: 3 Room Refreshers That Can Be Done in Less Than a Week

bathroomEvery single time when you visit your friends, you can’t help but wonder: how do they manage to make their bathroom look so cozy, elegant and spacious? You don’t see them very often in their own environment, but when you do, you always get inspired and feel tempted to give their bathroom remodel ideas a fresh spin and adapt them to the particularities of your own indoor space. If you’re looking for cheap and rapid methods to implement a few décor changes, here are three bathroom refreshers that you may like to try. Just so you know, they are extremely convenient and can be completed in less than a week.

Adding Contrasts to Eliminate the Blank Canvas Effect. In theory, a white bathroom sounds amazing. You instantly think about girly, all-white vanities and round mirrors with silver wooden frames, colorless custom cabinets, a tall ceiling and spotless walls. However, those who put theory into practice soon realize that no matter how spacious a white bathroom can seem, at some point it will inevitably be perceived as a blank canvas. How can you bring this somewhat rigid and depersonalized space back to life in seven days or so? Choose an ideal color palette, paint the walls, design or order a set of colorful custom bathroom cabinets, add porcelain tiles and invest in sleek, polished accessories.

Get Rid of the Outdated Vanity. An old vanity made of dark wood seldom finds its place in a modern bathroom. In this case, the simplest solution to this problem is to order a new one from your local specialist in custom cabinetry and/or bathroom remodel projects. If you just want to upgrade the existing one, note that a simple makeover would involve a few coats of lightly-colored paint, a new sink faucet, mirror, countertop and shiny new hardware. Here’s another tip that you can apply: a round mirror with an Art Deco frame can be placed between two vintage sconces to add a touch of glamour to your indoor space.

Turn a Medicine Cabinet into the Best Storage Option. On the other hand, if you’d rather ditch the giant mirror that doesn’t really find its place in your bathroom, consider replacing it with a 4 or 5-inches deep custom cabinet that you could use to store your everyday essentials. This type of medicine cabinet doesn’t occupy a lot of space, so it won’t impact the looks and feel of your bathroom in any way. Moreover, classy designs revolving around mirrored interiors and brushed nickel frames are to-die-for and can complement the metallic accents of your bathroom accessories and hardware.

If you need personalized advice to rethink your bathroom or kitchen, just give us a call or send us an email. The bathroom remodel professionals from Modern Kitchen are able to take your interiors from blah to fabulous in no time, while following your unique creative vision.

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