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Cost-Effective Upgrades That Can Take Your Bathroom Remodel to a Whole New Level

Modern white luxury bathroom interiorEvery now and then, you take a closer look at your bathroom and discover a virtually endless list of flaws that compromise your good mood and help you realize that your indoor space requires an urgent makeover. Cracks in the walls, ancient-looking, worn out cabinets, discolored floor tiles are only a few of the most common defects that could lower the resale value of your property. In case you didn’t know, both kitchens and bathrooms can make or break a real estate transaction. These two areas attract buyers like a magnet or manage to put them on the run. So how could you turn the ugly duckling of indoor spaces into a gorgeous swan? Here are 3 important directions that you should follow to obtain the desirable results without exceeding your allocated budget.

  1. The Devil Is in the Inexpensive Details. Most homeowners tend to think that the most important improvements demand a small fortune. They don’t. Usually they end up ignoring cheap everyday household items that need to be replaced as soon as possible, like a pedestal sink or a toilet seat. These elements are affordable and extremely easy to install by the owner himself.


  1. Replace Old, Beat up Features with New, Budget-Friendly Ones. Instead of following bathroom remodel trends blindly, make changes based on your taste, the size of your room and existing appliances and décor elements that you don’t plan to replace. Most importantly, when it comes to making adjustments, remember that practicality should go hand in hand with great looks. Sometimes, a little bit of patching is the key to improving the aesthetics and feel of your bathroom in a cost and time-effective manner. For instance, you could add vinyl sheet or vinyl tiles on top of your existing discolored bathroom flooring. Vinyl sheets are easy to apply and display a fair price-quality relationship.  If your tub looks dingy, consider re-tiling its walls and refinishing it with help from real professionals specialized in remodeling projects. Last but not least, for a truly effective facelift that will stand the test of time, choose to replace old, beat up furniture with minimalist custom bathroom cabinetsmade using your material of choice. New additions can incorporate your design ideas and be tailored to your available space and existing appliances.


  1. Rethink and Reorganize Your Space. By counting on the services of a top-rated cabinet company, you can create and install gorgeous custom furniture that would be able to withstand elevated levels of humidity and moisture and preserve its amazing finish for many years in a row. When you don’t know what you want, real experts can guide you towards the most amazing, budget-friendly bathroom remodel ideas that carry reasonable price tags and have what it takes to keep you satisfied in the long run.

All in all, if you’re craving for new suggestions for your home’s upcoming extreme makeover, just give us a call or write us an email and we’ll happily provide the assistance that you may require to complete your project on time and on a budget.


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