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Custom Cabinetry 101: 3 Cost-Effective Bathroom Makeovers You’ll Adore

Modern BathroomYour bathroom design was appreciated by all your guests 3 decades ago, when you used to throw those amazing parties and impress your closest ones with your impeccable taste and style. But times have changed and so have you. Now you can’t even look at those ancient fixtures that have nothing in common with the bluish toilet seat and tiles and those incredibly old custom cabinets that you used to love at some point.

So the question is this: how could you ensure a quick, inexpensive facelift for your bathroom? Would it be possible to implement a few meaningful changes without being forced to borrow money from your creditors? Of course it’s possible! With just a little bit of inspiration, creativity and attention to detail you will manage to transform your old indoor space into a personalized corner of heaven that could also become your own little wellness center. Without any further ado, we give you 3 cost-effective bathroom makeovers that will change your life for good.

  1. Paint Is Your Best Friend. You’d be surprised to find out what a few gallons of paint could do to an interior area that is practically begging for an extreme makeover. If you’re the not-so-fortunate owner of a bathroom equipped with honey oak custom countertops and kaki or hunter green tiles, your need for change is perfectly understandable. These elements were in great demand in the 80s! At this point, they just indicate that you’re nostalgic or lost in time. In this situation, it would be advisable to replace the old furniture with gorgeous custom bathroom cabinets and turn a vintage vanity into the central piece of your indoor space. If this is not an option, rely on beadboard wainscoting, a white, immaculate tile countertop and a few gallons of lavender paint to give your bathroom a modern vibe without investing more than 500 dollars in this project.
  2. Keep It Simple. In some cases, adornments can drive you crazy in the long run. At first, you may be tempted to think that overly embellished tiles or doodles on your bathroom walls can add character to your indoor space and ensure a cozy ambience. Nonetheless, after some time, chances are that you’ll crave for a minimalist, clean and neat bathroom like the ones that you always admire in magazines. If you can afford basic remodel work, choose the most elegant custom cabinetry options available in white or any other neutral color that you love and go for a classic black and white combo. To make the wow factor stand out, decide to replace all your fixtures.
  3. Achieve Minty Perfection. How can you upgrade a boring, severely neglected bathroom? This mission is actually pretty simple and cost-effective. You would just have to paint your walls in a relaxing color that reminds you of spa-like environments (mint green is an awesome pick!), replace your old wooden shelves withcustom bathroom cabinetsenabling you to organize your belongings in an effective manner, and also install a pedestal sink and a round mirror on the same wall to gain some more space and make your room seem larger and more inviting.

Last but not least, if you have any other questions on your mind, related to custom cabinetry or bathroom and kitchen remodel projects, just give us a call to receive the best suggestions.

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