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3 Celebrity-Inspired Bathroom Remodel Projects That Will Blow Your Mind

Portrait of elegant beautiful woman relaxing in a spa bathGlamorous Hollywood celebs seem to have it all: the perfect families, flawless beach bodies, huge mansions and fantastic interior decorations. Most of us are not that fortunate. However, you don’t need to sit on a pile of money to be able to afford a tasteful bathroom remodel. With just a little help from a well-known cabinet company you can design the furniture that you’ve always wanted to admire in your bathroom. Moreover, some of the most ingenious sources of inspiration are only a few clicks away. Here are 3 awesome celebrity-inspired extreme makeover ideas that may fit your needs, aesthetic demands and financial possibilities.

1) Glass Tiles and Golden Hardware Represent Cameron Diaz’s Little Secret

Cameron Diaz is one of the most stylish celebs of the moment. After a long day spent at the studio, she knows how to relax and de-stress in her own magical spa-like bathroom. Its walls are covered by beautiful glass tiles. The color theme revolves around earthy, metallic shades. Cameron knows that white, beige, brown and gold are a match made in heaven. Her marble countertops, custom bathroom cabinetsadorned with golden hardware and round, gigantic mirrors are exquisite details that you can also replicate to recreate the luxurious vibe of this celebrity bathroom.

2) Natural Lighting and Retro Tubs Seem to Be Meg Ryan’s Favorite Features

Would you bring a full-size white rug inside your bathroom? Would you ditch complicated and advanced design features in favor of absolute simplicity? Apparently, Meg Ryan could provide affirmative answers to both questions. There’s nothing overly pretentious about her bathroom. She seems to be very fond of her vintage all-white tub that is placed in the center of a superb white rug. As you can probablyimagine, her large window frames are also white and let plenty of light come inside the room. Tiny potted plants located in the vicinity of the dark metallic towel bars provide a touch of green and make the white and black duo seem more vibrant.

3) Velvet and Marble Are a Fantastic Combo, According to Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox’s bathroom reflects her passion for dark tones and luxurious materials. The chair and exquisite ottoman with gray velvet upholstery, marble countertops and custom bathroom cabinets made from absolutely gorgeous ebonized oak are to die for. Also, Cox shows that she has strong family values by decorating her bathroom with artwork signed by her dad while he was still in high-school. Even the simplest sketch framed and mounted on your walls can change the whole feel of your bathroom and turn it into a friendlier, soothing environment that would allow you to go back in time anytime you want and preserve your most cherished memories.

These 3 bathroom remodel suggestions could constitute excellent starting points for your upcoming project. If you need more ideas to define your style and find the most amazing and affordable bathroom cabinets and accessories, just give us a call or write us an email and we’ll help you pursue your one-of-a-kind creative ambitions.

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