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Top Three Bathroom Remodel Trends You Will Adore

BathroomYou may argue that you don’t spend a lot of time in your bathroom. If you use this indoor space very seldom, would it really be wise to invest big bucks in a remodeling project? Of course! This is the primary environment that promotes complete relaxation and recharges your batteries after a long day spent at the office.

Here you enjoy long bubble baths, make plans and put your thoughts in order. Maybe you’d like to turn your bathroom into a personal wellness center or you’d just wish to change the feel of the room by designing and installing new cabinets. No matter which steps you wish to follow to upgrade this important part of the house, start by taking a closer look at 3 bathroom remodel trends that you will love at a first glance.

1) Cool Bathroom Cabinets

Modern technology is expected to revolutionize and give a whole new meaning to every single inch of free space available. Bathrooms are no longer considered a dull space serving practical purposes; they have gradually become our preferred spots where luxury meets convenience.

In this context, here’s a question that may be on your mind at this point: can you keep beer in your bathroom cabinets? Sure, why not? The trendiest new-arrivals incorporate refrigeration, which is more than a whim. In a cooling custom bathroom cabinet you can keep your nail polish and your organic body and face ointments, as well as medicine that should be preserved at low temperatures. Naturally, you can also sneak a couple of beers into your multi-purpose cabinetsand profit from their extended functionality.

2) Decorative Elements Projected to Mask Your Toilet

Want to achieve a gorgeous, spa-inspired minimalist look? If so, just learn how to de-clutter and reorganize the personal belonging that you store in your bathroom. Custom bathroom cabinets with shelves and trays let you organize and prioritize your items in a much more effective manner. But the real novelty factor that will wow your guests is a movable sleek wooden panel incorporated by an ingenious and elegant decorative solution created to mask your toilet. You just have to slide the panel to conceal or uncover your fixture. It’s as easy as it gets.

3) Bamboo Tiles and Earthy Tones

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Spas are great and manage to boost your mood as soon as you set foot inside one.  So why wouldn’t you conduct a very simple bathroom remodel project to turn your space into a fabulous, cost-effective spa center? To begin with, you’ll need bamboo tiles and flooring material available in cool, calming earthy tones. Next, you can always order or design your own custom bathroom cabinets that make a 180-degrees rotation, ensuring easy access, proper storage and also a nice, clean look and maximized space when closed.

All in all, there are many things that you would most likely want to change about your indoor space. Start with your bathroom, which is most likely in need of an extreme makeover. To get the best redesign ideas from real pros, just give us a call. We will help you find the shortest path towards bathroom remodel success.

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